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5 Best Probiotics For Yeast Infections and Their Benefits

The big question: can probiotics help with yeast infection? Yes, probiotics may help prevent and treat yeast infections, but it’s important to understand the nuances and consult with a healthcare professional before using them. What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to the beneficial bacteria found in your gut [1]. They are […]

How to Use Rosemary and cloves for hair growth + Benefits and Risks

To use rosemary and cloves for hair growth, you must first prepare either a rinse, mask, or oil extract which will be applied to your hair, or you can add them to your shampoo or conditioner. They have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help to improve scalp health and stimulate hair follicles. This […]

Using Cloves Lemon And Ginger For Weight Loss: Pros and Cons

Anecdotal evidence suggests that using a blend of cloves lemon and ginger for weight loss may help achieve the desired result if you understood the pros and cons thereof. Doing things the right way matters a lot if you want to get the results you want. This post explores the pros and cons one must […]

How To Use Saffron Extract For Weight Loss, Impressive Benefits & Side Effects

Losing weight takes time and effort. The use of saffron extract for weight loss may speed it up. It’s important to note that while using the saffron extract for weight loss, you also should be patient and consistent with your healthy habits, and you will see results. A study reveals that intake of saffron tea […]

5 Effective Self-Care Activities for healthy lifestyle

Engaging ourselves in self-care activities can be beneficial and can ensure our general well-being. What is self-care all about? By definition, self-care is a “method that promotes health and active management of illness when it occurs” [1]. However, according to World Health Organization, self-care is “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, […]

Halitosis: 7 Proven Causes & Home Treatment for Bad Breath (Mouth Odor)

This article focuses on causes, home treatment for bad breath, and mouth odors (halitosis) by providing a simple way to get rid of them. What is Mouth Odor, Bad Breath (Halitosis)? Doctor Kenneth Kee says that Halitosis is a medical disorder where a patient produces an unpleasant odor in their breath. It’s often noticed by […]

Best Treatment for Joint Pain Is Arthrazex Balm— Dr. Mataji Havaldar Reveals

What is the best treatment for joint pain? Many believe that Joint pain or the diseases “Rheumatism” is a painful condition developed when there is an inflammation or swelling of the joint or muscles (connective tissues). Medically, there have been a lot of opinions on causes and solutions to joint diseases. This article focuses on […]

[Arthrazex Balm Review] 6 Emerging advantages of using arthrazex balm for joint pain & side effects

Arthrazex Balm is an FDA-approved Indian balm effective in eliminating inflammatory-induced pains, osteochondrosis, and osteoarthritis including muscle spasms. It has been proven effective for treating joint pain due to the presence of active ingredients such as Alpha-artiropherol, Mars Sinkfoil, sunflower extracts, and several others are detailed in this post. Arthrazex Balm Benefits Improves Functions Of […]

[Arthrazex Balm Substitute] 8 Impressive Benefits Of Flekosteel A Good Arthrazex Balm Substitute For Treating Joint Pain

Having a hard time walking due to joint or waist pain? Try Flekosteel a good Arthrazex Balm substitute effective against joints and inflammatory pain. What Is Flekosteel Balm?   Hendel Flekosteel is a warming body balm made by combining systemic arthro-vitamins, and macro and microelements formulated to relieve pain and improve the functioning of the […]

Using Papaya Seed For Parasite Safe? Effect on male fertility & 5 Emerging Benefits,

A recent trend of using papaya seed for parasite elimination has raised opinions. Some say papaya seed kills parasites, but what are the opinions of experts on parasite-killing properties of the black seeds of ripe papaya? Let’s address it before discussing the emerging benefits of this seed as well as the side effects and use. […]

Avocado Oil For Skin And Hair: How To Apply, Proven Benefits & Side Effects

  Using avocado oil for skin and hair treatments can be beneficial in several ways, and may help in preventing the effect of free radicals that causes premature aging. It provides all the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth and skin nourishment. The benefits of using avocado oil for skin and hair treatment, how to […]

3 impressive fat-burning techniques for significant weight loss

Have you tried fat-burning techniques or other weight loss plans and you could not get the results you are expecting? It can be quite challenging or frustrating when you are not getting the expected result. Well, if you are hoping for a way to achieve a significant weight loss I think this article can be […]

4 Important Things Men should do before marriage

There are many different things men should do before marriage. It is a lifetime endeavor hence must apply any means necessary and healthy to get it right at first. A lot of people make mistakes that will later ruin their marriage, but apply the right tool and get it right. You must understand that what […]

3 harmful Ways Use of Mobile Phone Risks Your Health

Ways use of mobile phone risks your health, and one of them placing it near your bed while sleeping. Your trousers pocket near your reproductive organs is not safe either due to the effect of thermal heat emitted from your mobile phone. You should understand that our cell phone uses what is called radiofrequency RF […]

12 Dangerous foods that increases risk of stroke

Every day most people indulge themselves in foods loaded with fructose, saturated, or Tran Fat, not knowing they are foods that increases risk of stroke. Unhealthy Foods Unhealthy Foods are simple foods that are not good for someone’s health. A study reveals that foods high in fructose, saturated & trans fat are unhealthy and could […]

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