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12 Dangerous foods that increases risk of stroke

Every day most people indulge themselves in foods loaded with fructose, saturated, or Tran Fat, not knowing they are foods that increases risk of stroke.

Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy Foods are simple foods that are not good for someone’s health. A study reveals that foods high in fructose, saturated & trans fat are unhealthy and could cause stroke, There are many of these foods that increases risk of stroke you shall discover as you go deeper.


There is a popular saying that “health is wealth”.  It is not a false statement to say that what we eat determines our state of health. Remember, there are many articles, videos, and research work on the internet that deal decisively with stroke.

Unhealthy Food that causes stroke you should avoid

But this article is focused on consumables (food and drink) that can increase the risk of stroke in our entire body system. But before we go ahead let us understand what the term stroke is all about.

What is a stroke?

A stroke is a medical condition where there is an interruption in the flow of blood to the brain. This results in the death of the brain cell and some parts of the body will lose their ability to function. “It’s a medical emergency” which must be taken with all seriousness.

What are stroke symptoms? 

There are things you need to check out before you think about a stroke, and they include;

  1.  Double vision:   this happens when your eyesight changes, you will begin to see things double.
  2.  Difficulties in balancing your body posture like having a stiff neck, can’t sit properly, etc.
  3.  The heaviness of Arms: difficulties in lifting your arms or you will feel hefty.
  4.  Face sagging or numbness 
  5. Trouble in Speaking. You may also like to know that the

3 types of stroke

Research reveals that stroke is of three major types.

  •  Ischemic stroke.
  •  Hemorrhagic stroke.
  •  Transient ischemic attack. 

According to research, it was gathered that Age and family history of strokes can equally be a factor that determines if one may likely have it. It’s, therefore, a necessity to take note of that because we can change our family health history neither, but can we change our age as well, hence proper management of risk factors can help to prevent stroke.

Remember, STROKE is caused due to interruption of the flow of blood to the brain and the HEART  irresponsible for blood circulation to all parts of the body. It’s not false to say that an unhealthy heart can increase the chances of having a stroke.

To ensure a healthy heart and proper blood circulation and reduce the risk of stroke here are consumables we should reduce their intake.

Also, a healthy heart is a healthy brain. Remember, the heart controls the flow of blood to the brain, therefore, a problem with the flow of your blood will affect the function of your brain and could lead to stroke.

Unhealthy foods that increases risk of stroke

1. Butter 

Butter contains saturated fat which could increase the risk of stroke

Research shows that Butter which is classified to be a full-fledged fat dairy is full of saturated fat, which is dangerous to the heart and brain. You can opt for low-fat dairy ones.

2. Margarine

Margarine contains saturated fat which could increase the risk of stroke

Margarine is known to be rich in trans fat. The study has proven that trans fat is harmful to the heart or the blood vessels. Also, it has been proven that it also affects brain function. A Neurology journal revealed that older people with a high level of trans fat in their blood may likely develop dementia.

3. Fried and Fatty foods

Foods fried with unhealthy oil could increase the risk of stroke

Fried and processed foods are not healthy food. This food can greatly cause inflammation in the blood vessels, and as you may know, an injury in the blood vessels can cause damage to the brain.

4. Marinades

Salad Syrup and Marinades are mostly used for dressing salad, even when you go through the label that contains the product ingredients used in making them you will discover that most of these ingredients have a high amount of fructose. Medically, high Fructose in the blood is linked to heart problems.

5. Full-fat cheese


Although cheese can be a good source of Calcium including protein but can be quite dangerous to health when you frequently eat fatty cheese because it is high in saturated fat, and this can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, resulting in high blood pressure and your risk of cardiovascular disease can increase.

6. Red Meat

Red meat contains saturated fats that could increase the risk of stroke

Red Meat is the “house of saturated fat”. Many eat Red Meat, taking it as a source of protein. But Medical Research recommends that people should take Fish, beans, eggs, and poultry birds as a better source of protein healthy to the body than red meat.

7. Processed food

Some processed foods may be excess in sugar and some may be prepared with unhealthy oil that is high in cholesterol. Remember, that excess sugar and cholesterol are bad for the heart and the brain.

8. Processed or Table  Salt

The study has shown that excess salt especially table salt can increase the risk of stroke, Instead of Table or processed salt, take Natural salt or unrefined salt, like “Himalayan salt” which has been found to lower blood pressure.

Unhealthy Drinks  That Could Trigger Stroke.

9. Alcohol

Alcohol can quite be dangerous to health. It can cause the following damage to the body.

  1.  It can increase high blood pressure which can increase the risk of stroke or heart seizure.
  2.  It can weaken heart muscles which could bring problems to the lungs and the liver.
  3.  It can impair the flow of blood to the brain and other parts of the body.

10. Soda drink 

Research shows that soda drinks, including other beverage that contains a lot of artificial sweeteners, contain fructose, which can be harmful to the body.

11. Tobacco 

The health warning that “smokers are liable to die young should not be taken as a joke. Research has shown that smoking can result in a heart attack or stroke.

12. Caffeine

 The study has shown that caffeine has the following negative health impact.

  1. Digestive problems
  2. High Blood Pressure

Three (3) types of fats 

Remember, foods that contain these nutrients can be harmful to health.
  1. Saturated Fat.
  2. Trans Fat
  3. Fructose

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