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Using Papaya Seed For Parasite Safe? Effect on male fertility & 5 Emerging Benefits,

papaya seed for parasite

A recent trend of using papaya seed for parasite elimination has raised opinions. Some say papaya seed kills parasites, but what are the opinions of experts on parasite-killing properties of the black seeds of ripe papaya? Let’s address it before discussing the emerging benefits of this seed as well as the side effects and use.

Papaya Seed for Parasite

Can Papaya Seeds Kill Parasites? A study in 2018 in which a total of 326 children were fed porridge fortified with Papaya seed extract indicated a significant reduction in the activities of hookworm and Ascaris lumbricoides.

The study further suggests that papaya seeds may help eliminate stomach worms, especially in children if taken as part of their snacks.

In 2014, the University of Florida’s Animal Sciences Department study on papaya seed for parasite elimination in livestock Indicated that papaya seeds were able to eliminate 78 percent of adult parasites, and 72 percent of their eggs when about 10 grams of ground papaya seeds were added to a base diet given to goats.

Another old related study suggests that air-dried papaya seeds due to their efficacy against parasites may offer a cheaper, realistic, harmless, and obtainable monotherapy and preventive method for intestinal parasites.

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How long do papaya seeds take to kill parasites?

Some research suggests that it may take at least 14 days for papaya seeds to effectively curb parasitic activities in a given infected individuals

Experts’ Opinions on papaya seed for parasite elimination

The above studies may be true, but some experts say that the parasite-killing properties of papaya seeds shouldn’t be proposed for public use without further quality randomized, discrete, prospective trials with vast sample sizes to determine how safe they are for human use.

Supporting the above statement, research reveals that there is a trace of cyanide found in papaya seeds. Cyanide — a harmful natural chemical that may kill body cells by preventing them from using oxygen. It is dangerous for the brain and the heart which need oxygen the most.

Recommendations on stomach worms?

What to do if you are troubled by stomach worms? If notice any symptoms of stomach worm such as diarrhea, nausea, unexplained weight loss, bleeding, anemia, and gastric distress. First of all, seek medical advice first and get a prescription for a drug such as albendazole, mebendazole, or pyrantel pamoate.

Bottom Line
It may be true that papaya seeds may kill stomach worms, but it’s safer to seek a doctor’s advice concerning known medication for treating stomach parasites or worms than to rely on treatment that had its risk yet to be determined.

Papaya Seeds Uses

Apart from using papaya seed for parasite elimination, there are other several uses as detailed below.

1. For Detoxification

Papaya seeds contain important phytochemical compounds such as Tannin and Phytate which may help in expelling toxins from the body. They both possess antioxidants property and may also help combat oxidative stress.

2. To improve digestion

You can consume a hand full of Papaya seeds to improve the function of your digestive. Papaya seeds contain digestive enzymes called papain which aid digestion. It is equally rich in fiber which may facilitate food digestion and bowel evacuation.

Research also reveals the presence of trypsin inhibitors in papaya seeds. Trypsin itself is a digestive enzyme in our body that helps in the digestion of protein. It breaks down protein in the small intestine part of the stomach.

Trypsin Inhibitor found in papaya seed helps to regulate the protein intake in the body by regulating the ‘activation and catalytic reactions of proteins.

3. To Neutralize Venoms Of Insect Stings Or Bites

Papaya seeds may be an antidote to venom from Insect stings or bites. Unverified sources claimed that the seed is used to make pasta, and then applied affected area to reduce the effect and may help to neutralize the poison content of the sting.

Another claim had it that the white sap of unripe papaya fruits when applied over an area sting by insets may help lower the stinging effect. Even ringworm may be eliminated by this same method.

4. May Be Use For Birth Control

A study claim that papaya seed possesses an anti-fertility effect and hence may be used for birth control. According to an unverified claim, Papaya seeds are traditionally used as substitutes for anti-pregnancy pills for couples who are not ready for babies, due to the presence of certain compounds that s believe to lower fertilization.

Another unverified study claims that the seed has an abortifacient effect and may prevent pregnancy.

Bottom Line

Rounduptionally, papaya seeds are used for detoxification, to neutralize the venoms from insect stings or bites, to improve digestion, and even to aid weight loss due to their appetite-suppressing the property. May even prevent conception research claims.


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Papaya Seeds Benefits

Intake of papaya seeds has numerous health benefits, below are some emerging benefits of the seeds.

1. Source Of Good Cholesterol

Papaya seeds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that are helpful to the body.

A study indicates that monounsaturated fat can help lower the risk of heart disease. Monounsaturated are healthy fatty acids needed by the body to absorb and store necessary fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, and E for later use.

It also contains oleic acid — a form of monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, that may improve heart function by reducing bad cholesterol levels and Inflammatory effects.

May also treat skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

2. May Improve heart condition

Papaya seeds are high in healthy fatty acids and fiber two important elements that can lower the risk of certain heart conditions, and as well boost the overall function of the heart.

Research reveals that high fiber intake may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3. May help eliminate infections

Papaya seeds have antibacterial and anti-parasitic activities. A Study has indicated its effectiveness in eliminating stomach parasites.

Another study suggests that papaya seeds extract may help in treating yeast infections. yeast.

4. May inhibit cancer growth

Several studies have indicated that Papaya seeds may be effective against cancer growth due to their inhibitory effect.

2014 study indicated that papaya seeds effectively lowered inflammation and equally offered protection against cancer growth.

Another related study indicates that extract of the black seed of papaya may reduce the growth of prostate cancer thanks to its high concentration of polyphenols.

5. Rich in Antioxidants

Papaya seeds are rich in phytochemicals that equally act as antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols which play a vital role in improving our health.

Antioxidants are essentially needed in our bodies due to their scavenging activities against free radicals.

Free radicals have a lot of negative impacts on our health. It damages our body cell, makes us vulnerable to disease, and contribute to quick aging.

Bottom Line

Papaya seed offers a variety of health benefits such as eliminating stomach parasites and infections, and anticancer activity, it’s equally a source of antioxidants that fight free radicals and provides monounsaturated fatty acids that can Improve heart condition

While Papaya seed for parasite elimination may have some evidence, including other mouth-watering benefits from consuming the seeds. More elaborate, generally accepted studies must be made to evaluate the negative impact of papaya seed when use

  • Against cancer growth in humans.
  • Against stomach parasites and infections

Papaya seed And fertility

Do Papaya seeds have any fertility impact?
Yes! Papaya seed extracts have a deleterious impact on both male and female fertility as recorded by several studies as detailed below.

Papaya seed And male fertility

1. May lower sperm count in males

Papaya seed may cause low sperm count in male fertility. A study on matured male langur monkey that was fed high doses of papaya seed extracts for 51 weeks, showed a reduction in sperm counts as a result of a condition called azoospermia which was developed due to the high dose of the extracts. Azoospermia— a condition where the sperm released remains watery.

2. May inhibit sperm motility

On male fertility, a certain study revealed that seed extract can inhibit sperm motility in male

Another related study on albino rats equally indicates the contraception efficacy of papaya seed extract. [1, 2]

Papaya Seed And Female Fertility

The anti-fertility effect of papaya seed is detailed below. On female fertility, it may lower their chance of getting pregnant due to alterations of utero-ovarian tissue.

May prevent pregnancy in females. A study on 20 fertile female Albino rats showed a reduction in progesterone levels in females rat, the study further recorded a
disorder in the oestrus pattern, their utero-ovarian tissue was equally altered.

Finally, Before consuming papaya seeds for any reason, beware of the potential deleterious impact on male and female fertility. It is more dangerous when an overdose is consumed or consumption for a long period.

Papaya seed side effects

  • Possible side effects of papaya seed are ;
  • Lower fertility in both males and females when overused.

Excessive intake may be toxic to the urinary tract. A certain study on female rats has high-end that Benzyl isothiocyanate in papaya seed which helps against may be harmful when excess in the body.

Take away

Papaya seeds are incredibly fortified with nutrients, Its extracts have several health benefits, such as protecting the kidney from damage and adding to their anti-cancer activities which inhibit cancer growth. Despite these huge health advantages lie possible side effects of excessive use, but can be prevented if moderation is applied she eating these seeds.

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