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Cinnamon and pregnancy: Does it cause miscarriage?

Can cinnamon cause a miscarriage? No, but excessive intake may increase the risk of liver damage, gastrointestinal problems, and mouth sores due to the presence of coumarin, a compound that may harm the liver [1]. Cinnamon and pregnancy Exploring Cinnamon and Pregnancy – Its safety during pregnancy is still unclear but excessive intake may be […]

Cooked Or Raw Ewedu Leaves During Pregnancy Better? Here are the Benefits and sides effects

Eating Ewedu leaves during pregnancy may supply nutrients like folate that helps the growth of the fetus, and antioxidants that boost the immune system. However, there is more that many don’t know. Today we shall explore the rich benefits of eating Corchorus olitorius leaves, also known as ewedu leaves or jute leaves during pregnancy. Is […]

Green Beans During Pregnancy: 7 Impressive Benefits To Pregnant Women

Intake of green beans during pregnancy offers nutritional support for baby development, balances body fluids and electrolytes, boosts immunity, and wards off chronic disease. It is a great choice of food to make a healthy diet for both Mom and baby. Green beans are a rich source of several nutrients that support mother and child […]

African Cherry Fruit During Pregnancy: 5 Emerging Benefits To Pregnant Women

Intake of African cherry fruit during pregnancy supplements lacking nutrients as it contains a good amount of Fiber, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamins C, Nicotinamide, Pyridoxine, Thiamine, and more [1, 7] that support the health and growth of the baby. While the ascorbic acid in African cherry fruit boosts the immune system of pregnant women, Calcium helps […]

Is Honeybush Tea In Pregnancy Safe? Checkout 4 Emerging Fertility Benefits

It piqued my curiosity that people are asking if Honeybush Tea In Pregnancy is Safe. This led me to research this wonderful herbal plant people called Honeybush. It is scientifically called Cyclopia Intermedia and is believed to be indigenous to the South African people. In this article, let’s find out if the intake of honeybush […]

How To Prepare Saffron Milk For Pregnant women, Benefits & Side Effects

However, it is important to note that saffron should be consumed in moderation during pregnancy, as excessive consumption can be harmful. It is always best to consult with a healthcare provider before adding any new supplements or spices to your diet during pregnancy. How To Prepare Saffron Milk For Pregnant women Saffron milk is a […]

6 Emerging benefits of Tiger nut for pregnant women

The benefits of Tiger nut for pregnant women are numerous, it is enriched with vital minerals and vitamins needed for the baby’s development. Tiger nut is also beneficial for nursing mother, and contain an important compound that helps to induce breast milk production.  In this post, I will share with you the benefits of Tiger […]

Grapes in pregnancy— 4 Amazing benefits & Side effects for pregnant women

Grapes in Pregnancy Despite many controversies surrounding grapefruit’s impact on pregnant women, many believe that the fruit is good for consumption during pregnancy if eaten moderately. There is an abundance of resveratrol an Antioxidant that is helpful to the immune system but can as well be toxic when it is excessive in the body. Today, […]

6 Amazing foods to fight nausea during pregnancy

Are troubled by execessive nausea? Worry less, In this post you will know 6 amazing foods to fight nausea during pregnancy and practices to remedy excessive vomiting. Women if not all, experience vomiting or nausea during this period of pregnancy, most especially within the first 3 months into the pregnancy, other changes are mood swings, […]

Cocoyam in pregnancy: Impressive fertility benefits, Uses & side effects

Is cocoyam in pregnancy safe? What about its fertility benefits? Does it have side effects? This post provides answers to the questions above, you shall discover them as we dive deeper Health benefits of cocoyam in pregnancy Is cocoyam in pregnancy safe? Yes, It supplies essential nutrients needed by pregnant women such as manganese, vitamin […]

Thyme for fertility and pregnancy: Oil extract benefits and side effects

Today, let’s find out the benefit of thyme for fertility and pregnancy. Most of us know thyme as an aromatic spice used for making delicacies. And it can be added to various foods such as pepper soup, stews, and even tea. Health benefits of thyme It’s an herb that has so many uses and medicinal […]

How To Make Okra Water For Fertility: 4 Emerging Benefits For Pregnant Women

There’s a recent trend in social media about people using Okra water for fertility, but the fact remains that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that okra water can improve fertility. However, just like seeds cycling that has been proven effective in improving fertility despite a lack of scientific evidence. The same goes for […]

How To Use Ewedu Leaves To boost Fertility

Corchorus olitorius leave popularly called Ewedu leave have a rich source of several nutrients such as zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin C, which can improve fertility in both males and females. I have detailed the fertility benefit of Jute leaves in one of my previous posts as well as the side effects of eating […]

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