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Best Treatment for Joint Pain Is Arthrazex Balm— Dr. Mataji Havaldar Reveals

Arthrazex Proven Treatment for Joint Pain: Dr. Mataji Havaldar Reveals Causes & Solution

What is the best treatment for joint pain? Many believe that Joint pain or the diseases “Rheumatism” is a painful condition developed when there is an inflammation or swelling of the joint or muscles (connective tissues).

Medically, there have been a lot of opinions on causes and solutions to joint diseases. This article focuses on Dr. Mataji Havaldar’s review of the major cause of joint pain (Rheumatism) as well its solutions or treatment.


Dr. Mataji Havaldar on Joint Pain

A recent interview by Dr. Mataji Havaldar, Head of the India Apollo Hospital for Rheumatology reveals that Joint disease has only one cause which is neglected by most doctors and other practitioners.

Major Causes Of Joint Pain

Dr. Mataji summarised the major causes of joint pain into four, which are;
  1. Due to impaired blood circulation and synovial fluid circulation.
  2. Deposits of osteophytes on the joint.
  3. A damaged and inflamed joint.
  4. Ortho-salt growths on the surfaces of the joint or spine.
Before we continue with the interview, let’s understand:

Things that could impair blood or synovial fluid circulation.

  • Accumulation of fat deposits

NHS reveals that impaired blood flow could occur as a result of an “ accumulation of fat deposits in the walls of the leg arteries”. This usually happens when there is bad cholesterol or other waste materials deposited on the walls of the arteries, these give rise to the arteries becoming narrower restricting the flow of blood to the legs or that part of the body. Secondly, when there is an obstruction to the flow of synovial fluid.

What is synovial fluid?

The lubricating fluid that keeps the bones slightly apart, protecting their cartilage coverings from the frictional impact of “wearing” and “tearing” is known as synovial fluid.

Apart from lubricating the joint, the synovial fluid helps in absorbing shocks and well offers protection to the cartilage.

Back to the interview.
Dr. Mataji Havaldar said that when there impedes the flow of blood or synovial fluid, ortho-salts will begin to accumulate in the area making it difficult to walk due to friction and lack of lubrication.

What are ortho-salts?

These are salt or ester of orthophosphoric acid; an ordinary phosphate. In organic chemistry, it is a salt of phosphoric acid, according to ace publication.

Dr. Mataji Havaldar went further to explain that, while urates can cause gout, Osteophytes (calcined salts), cause about 96% of most joints and spine diseases which include arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, and even hernias. all these diseases are caused when there is an accumulation of osteophytes (ortho-salts) where synovial fluid is meant to be.

Once these salts are deposited on the surfaces of the joints, they will start to erode the tissues of the bone and cartilage.
He also reveals that negligence could make things worst, in this case, if it is left without proper treatments it could lead to serious inflammation (swelling) and severe pain.

He stated in a case where there is a large deposition of ortho-salts, the affected joint could be broken and may lead to permanent disability.
Going further, the misconception that most had about calcium being helpful to the joint may be conditional only if the joint is healthy else calcium may not be useful for such joint because there are osteophytes already deposited on it which may rather induce the growth of osteophytes.

What are Osteophytes?

Osteophytes are bony lumps (bone spurs) that grow on the bones of the spine or around the joints

Dr. Mataji Havaldar on causes of pathologies

  • Deposits of osteophytes on the joint.
  • A damaged and inflamed joint.
  • Ortho-salt growths on the surfaces of the joint.

Dr. Mataji Havaldar’s solution for Joint Pain (diseases)

According to Dr. Mataji Havaldar, the best treatment for Joint pain (diseases) is by restoring a proper circulation of blood which will give rise to the restoration of synovial fluid and elimination of those ortho-salts accumulated over the years.

The reason is due to the regenerative ability of the human joint, which means the human joint can regrow, once it is free from any form of salt crystallization on the surface.

List Of Joint Diseases

  • Gout
  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Rheumatism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bursitis
  • Synovitis
  • GigaOM

He further reveals that these joint health problems listed above have long been combined into a single one known as, “Articulatio de sales” which implies the accumulation of Saline on the surface of the joints.

Ways to clean the joint

The best way to get rid of all these joint-related problems is to cleanse the joints of salt deposits. He suggested that the best way to clean the joint is by taking alpha-arthropherol. Research show that
Alpha-arthropherol” can penetrate and destroy the crystal deposit of ortho-salt on the joint, by melting and dissolving them into excretion elements.

Alpha-arthropherol with vitamin B3 can help to expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation. It can do wonders in resolving problems of the joint. He equally reveals another potential product that can be effective in the treatment of joint problems is “Arthrazex”.

Arthrazex Proven Treatment for Joint Pain

Research shows that Arthrazex is among the top medication recommended by medical professionals as a suitable treatment for joint-related diseases. It was made by the combination of more than 50 natural elements.

8 Important Facts about Alpha-arthropherol

  1. It is a balm comprised of alpha-arthropherol (systemic arthro-vitamins), macro-, and microelements formulated to enhance the functioning of joint tissue.
  2. It is made to be absorbed easily into the skin, which makes it more effective.
  3. It can help reduce inflammation and swelling of the joints.
  4. It serves as an effective pain reliever.
  5. It enhances the regenerative ability of the cartilage tissue.
  6. It helps to melt away crystals of salt, calcium, and toxin deposited in the joints.
  7. It is safe and fast and requires no doctors to administer it.
  8. It has a medicinal effect on bone and cartilage tissue, and as well helps in restoring synovial fluid, and building muscle fibers.

7 Potential ingredients used in making Arthrazex

Arthrazex Balm Treatment for Joint Pain

  1. Mars Sinkfoil: this natural element help to Enhance the walls of blood cells by standardizing them. Helps to protect the wall of blood cells from wearing out.
  2. Oil macromolecules: this ingredient helps to alleviate inflammation of the joint tissues.
  3. Alpha-artiropherol helps to melt down and eliminate salt crystal deposits on the joint.
  4. Red Root: Enhances the arteries of blood
  5. Altai deer horn cells: this ingredient is very potent in speeding up the recovery process of damaged joint tissues.
  6. Alpha elements of the bark of the sunflower tree: The ingredient restores normalcy in the flow of synovial fluid.
  7. Potassium: Potassium is a mineral that helps to puff out excess water from the body
The above treatment is a corrective measure to improve joint function

How to prevent joint pain (and related problems)

  • Run from fatty foods, especially those high in cholesterol.
  • Drinking water regularly (adequate hydration) studies show that drinking water especially early morning water is good for the joints. It is a potential self-care activity that can help flush your system of toxins and improve kidney function.
  • Engage in exercise to burn excess fats.

Can cholesterol block blood vessels?

Research shows cholesterol can cause “hardening of the arteries“, a condition that manifests when there is the accumulation of fat (Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Fructose), cholesterol, and other substances in the wall of the arteries. This term is medically known as Atherosclerosis. Hence, we must engage in self-care activities and adopt the preventive measure listed above.

What we eat can impact our health in a way that we never imagine. Some foods are unhealthy and can be harmful to health, these food are high in cholesterol, which is a risk factor for some heart problems. it can also impede blood circulation.

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