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4 Important Things Men should do before marriage

4 Things men should before Marriage

There are many different things men should do before marriage. It is a lifetime endeavor hence must apply any means necessary and healthy to get it right at first.

A lot of people make mistakes that will later ruin their marriage, but apply the right tool and get it right.

You must understand that what works for me may or may not work for another in a relationship, but there are basic and foundational things men should do before marriage.


4 Things men should do before marriage

Young men going into marriage should consider these four things before they choose a wife.

1. Consider Physical Attraction.

Marry a wife that will always make you hungry to come home and be with her

Are you attracted to her physically? And vise vasa the lack of physical attraction could lead to marital infidelity. If there is no physical attraction between two partners, the devil will surely find one outside your marital union and when that happens you will begin to look for excuses to leave the former to be with the latter.

Pay attention to physical attractions, because most men are driven by what they see!

Sometimes you notice that a married man is looking at other beautiful ladies outside, why? Because his current wife is not attractive. But why did you marry her in the first place? This is why every man should be careful when it comes to physical attractions, so that you may not end up looking outside after marriage.

Look at your girlfriend now, and check if you can live with her after she gave birth to your kids.

Anonymous research reveals that most men who marry women who are not physically attracted to them are likely to cheat in marriage.

2. Do a Religious Compatibility Check.

Although, some men may not be religious. But it’s wise to marry someone on the same playground as you, to reduce religious conflicts.

Remember! The biggest mistake you can make in marriage is to marry a man or woman of unequal beliefs and think you can change him or her later.

Marriage is a lifelong journey, where you get to meet him or her every day, ask yourself how long can you tolerate him or her. Is she that friend with whom you can confide your weaknesses?

Starting what you cannot finish may lead to divorce. It is better, to divorce in a relationship than to divorce after getting married. Yes, you can move on faster than carry the stigma of divorce.

Don’t marry a religious woman if you can not genuinely become one: If you are an unbeliever do not choose a Christian wife if you are not ready to genuinely become a Christian because it will bring problems into your marriage in the future.

3. Consider Her Emotional intelligence.

What is emotion? Emotion is a strong feeling derived from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationship with people around him or her”.

Harvard school of business defines Emotional intelligence “as the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, as well as recognize and influence the emotions of those around you”.

How well can your ‘partner to be’ understand and influence your emotions positively?

  • Can she tolerate others and cover your shame?
  • Can you run home to meet her when you are unstable?
  • What kind of emotional support can you get from her?
  • Can she keep a secret?

There’s a saying that marriage is for Adults and not for kids. As an adult, there are so many things or some habits that you have to do away with when going into marriage. That way you lived earlier may bring conflict in your marriage.

4. Consider Her Financial Prospects.

What is your source of income, and can she manage your money wisely? Honestly, you may neglect this aspect a lot but in time to come, it will pose a threat to the marriage.

Marry a woman that can manage your money well.

Although some men may say, when “I marry money will come”, can she manage it well and helps you grow stronger, or will she impede your financial growth due to her lifestyle?

Can she Support you when you lack? Understand that if you can not take care of her another man will take care of her on your behalf. As a man, you would not want your fellow to enjoy your wife with you or even snatch her from you. Make money before you go into marriage or at least get a source of income.

Marry an asset, not a liability. To the wife-to-be, consider if she is coming to you as a liability or as an asset or if she is attracted to you because of your money.


Choosing the right partner can be quite challenging sometimes. It calls for one to carefully identify and resolve issues that may arise in the future to the detriment of marital union.

Although one can not deny the fact that issues will always arise in every marital union, it is wise to take care of the most basic source of conflict in marriage.

Remember, no man a woman is perfect, we all have flaws, but there are vital things that could bring issues in any chosen union.

Marriage is a lifelong journey, and one must be careful before going into it. In summary, 4 things every man should examine before choosing a wife are:

  • Consider her Physical attractions.
  • Her financial prospects
  • Do a religious compatibility check.
  • Check emotional intelligence

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