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3 harmful Ways Use of Mobile Phone Risks Your Health

Ways use of mobile phone risks your health, and one of them placing it near your bed while sleeping.

Your trousers pocket near your reproductive organs is not safe either due to the effect of thermal heat emitted from your mobile phone. You should understand that our cell phone uses what is called radiofrequency RF to send signals.

Radio Frequency as mentioned above can raise body temperature due to its thermal effect. A study also revealed that low levels of radiofrequency radiation emitted by our cell phones could induce health issues like headaches or brain tumors.


Unimaginable ways the use of mobile phones risks your health is what many still find hard to accept. Yes, mobile phones are no doubt part of our daily life but you should understand that bad will always find itself trailing Good.

Ways Use of Mobile Phone Risks Your Health

Our phone as important as it is equally has its impact on our health when we use it wrongly.

1. Answering phone calls while it is still plugged Into the power source.

Ways use of mobile phone risks your health: Answering calls while charging it.

Image by Yang Miao on Unsplash

If you are in a habit of answering calls while your cell phone is charging, you are advised to stop it, you may be electrocuted. Besides your call is sent or is being received via (RF) Radio Frequency which could induce a brain tumor.

2. Playing music with earphones while a cell phone is plugged into a power source.

Playing music with headphones while charging it

          Image by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

Overexerting pressure on your phone, and getting your phone hearted up could reduce battery life are ways use of mobile phone risks your health, and you could get electrocuted. So it is advisable to leave your cell phone charged properly.

3. Using the phone in the dark could affect our eyes.

Ways use of mobile phone risks your health  
Image by Arson on

Other ways use of mobile phone risks your health includes those who like their cell phones’ backlight increase without filtering the blue ray. A study by a group of scientists in the US revealed that our cell phone emits what is called blue light and it is most concentrated in a dark place probably at night, and the blue light emission is toxic to human eyes although it may seem innocuous to many, it could lead to Muscular degeneration which in turn cause blindness.

Although, the retina in our eye typically acts as an antioxidant and works to prevent the cells of our eye from dying, exposing the eye to the use of light emissions consistently may overpower the effort of the retina to protect our eye.


• Always reduce your cell phone screen light in the dark or at night. Thanks to some mobile phones that have eye care mode, you always turn it on.

• always wear sunglasses or any material designed to filter blue light.

• Assist your retina by taking food supplements or food that are rich in antioxidants which help to strengthen your retina.

Mobile Phone Safety Measures

There few other activities that doctors advised that we should stop due to their impact on health. Ways the use of mobile phones risks your health, and one of them placing your phone in the wrong place.

  • Placing your phone in your chest pocket.
  • Sleeping near your cell phone at night.

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