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6 Emerging benefits of Tiger nut for pregnant women

The benefits of Tiger nut for pregnant women are numerous, it is enriched with vital minerals and vitamins needed for the baby’s development. Tiger nut is also beneficial for nursing mother, and contain an important compound that helps to induce breast milk production.  In this post, I will share with you the benefits of Tiger nuts for pregnant women, and also reveal how helpful it is to breastfeeding mothers.

benefits of Tiger nut for pregnant women

Tiger nuts can be used for many things as explained earlier due to their high minerals and vitamin content. This article is going to focus on the Tiger nut effect on pregnant women, its nutritional composition, and other health benefits.

Benefits of Tiger nut for pregnant women

Below are the amazing benefits of Tiger nuts for pregnant women;

1. May Lower The Risk Of Premature Delivery.

Tiger nut contains an element called magnesium which alleviates muscle cramps, spasms & aches, and nausea and lowers the risk of premature labor. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the vital nutrients required by pregnant women.

2.  Tiger nuts Promote strong bones and teeth (Sources Of Calcium)

Both the mother and the unborn child need calcium because it with essential for bone development. It also helps with robust tissue and the growth of the baby in the womb. In order words, pregnant women who can’t take cow milk due to an allergy can make tiger nut milk a qualified substitute.

3. Can Boost Breast Milk Production.

Research shows that Tiger nut contains an enzyme that helps to increase the secretions of breast milk production for lactation (nursing mothers).

4.  May Supplement Lacking Vitamins

You know vitamins C and E and immune system boosters, and pregnant women need their immune systems to be strong during the pregnancy period. Tiger nuts are packed with vitamin E which in the formation of RBCs, strengthens the structure of fats, enhances blood circulation, and provides many more benefits during pregnancy. Whereas vitamin C on the other hand helps the formation of collagen which is an essential component of cartilage and tendons

5. May reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It is a known fact that pregnant women need to be healthy, especially for sake of their baby’s growth and development.
Regarding this, Tiger nuts contain minerals and vitamin that helps boost the immune system and offers protection against cardiovascular diseases.

6. May help Lower blood sugar levels

Tiger nuts help to reduce the risk of diabetes.  Pregnant women ought to be healthy for the sake of their babies. Having conditions like diabetes can result in other conditions like jaundice, macrosomia, and hypoglycemia. Tiger nut is a good source of insoluble dietary fibers which can help regulate the level blood pressure level and keep the mother and child safe.

Can Tiger Nuts cause miscarriage during pregnancy?

No! There are no recorded cases or evidence that Tigernut can cause miscarriage.

Are tiger nuts good for pregnant women?

Yes! Tiger nut helps to lower the risk of premature delivery, alleviates muscle cramps, and spasms, source of calcium for the baby’s development.
 benefits of Tiger nut for pregnant women

History of Cyprus esculentus (tiger nuts)

Tiger nut with the botanical name (Cyperus esculentus) is very nutritious but most people tend to overlook it. Research shows that Tiger nuts as a crop have been existing for over 3500 years. It belongs to the sedge family it’s commonly grown across most countries of the world in the Eastern Hemisphere, which includes Madagascar, Nigeria, Southern Europe, India, the Middle East, and most other African countries.
It is very popular in Nigeria which has wooed it with different ethnic names. It can be used for different things, yes most people consume it raw due to its almond and milky taste. Others process it and used it in making tiger nut drinks. The drink is best served chilled, whereas the nuts themselves can be eaten dried, or undried. Let us examine the amazing benefits of Tiger nuts for pregnant women.
 Tiger Nuts Drink

Tiger nuts Nutrition

According to the clinical analysis of fresh Tigernuts, the following Vitamins and Minerals are found to be present.
  1. Moisture
  2. Carbohydrates for energy.
  3. Crude fats (monounsaturated fats)
  4. Crude fiber: fiber helps in digestion
  5. Crude protein: for growth and development and replacement of dead cells.
  6. Potassium assists nerve impulse transmission and helps in reducing the sodium ratio
  7. Phosphorus strengthens the immediate release of energy in the body and may combine with calcium for bone and tooth development
  8. Magnesium helps to provide bone strength and assists enzyme, nerve, and heart functions.
  9. Calcium (Ca): is good for strong bone and red blood cell production.
  10. Sodium (Na)
  11. Iron (Fe): Help in the production of hemoglobin which carries oxygen, needed by various parts of the body.
  12. Zinc (Zn) is an essential element that helps to boost the immune system and develop sex hormones.
  13. Copper (Cu) helps in iron, protein metabolism, and hormone synthesis.
  14. Vitamin A: for good eyesight and improved vision.
  15. Vitamin C: is good for its ability to boost the immune system which fights foreign bodies in our system.

Other Health Benefits of Tiger nuts

The nutritional benefits of tiger nuts are not limited to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers alone. It is for everyone especially males with low sex drive and stamina due to the presence of arginine, a proteinous compound that can boost the energy and agility of the body system. Here are other interesting health advantages of tiger nuts.

• Tiger nuts may

Improves foods digestion

It helps in food digestion. Tiger nuts are high in fiber content fiber-content essential for the digestive system and facilitate the growth of good bacteria in the human digestive tract.

• Tiger nuts may also help to curb constipation

Tiger nut is rich in fiber content and study indicates that high fiber-content food helps to prevent constipation.

• Tiger nuts may aid in Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose some weight? Then make tiger nuts your favorite snack. It also helps in weight management.

• Helps in treating diabetes

Tiger nuts can help regulate sugar levels in the blood. There is no doubt that the fiber content of tiger nuts plays a role in decreasing the rate of absorption of sugar in the gut. Tiger Nuts also provide enzymes that enhance the production of insulin and Insulin helps to maintain the level of sugar in the blood.

• May help to improve heart function

It ensures a healthy heart. Tiger nuts contain monounsaturated fat which helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body system. Hence, heart disease and stroke will be prevented.

• Helpful to Breasting Feed Mothers

It enhances breast milk production. Tiger nuts are rich in multiple vitamins and minerals like magnesium, fiber, potassium, and calcium. These minerals and vitamins are needed by pregnant women for their baby’s development. It as well helps to stimulate the production of breast milk during pregnancy. Pregnant women and nursing mothers can seize this opportunity by making Tigernut their second snack since it can help in the production of breast milk for babies.

Uses of Tiger Nuts

  • Tiger nuts is can be used for making different consumables ranging from raw consumption to Tiger nuts drink to use g to prepare food like Tiger nuts cookies.
  •  Its flour can be mixed with sorghum to make ice cream, milky drinks, and porridge.
  • It serves as a source of income. For most people, Tiger nuts have been a source of livelihood for them. They can cultivate it on a large scale and sell it in the local market to make money.

 Tiger Nuts Side Effects

Raw Tiger nut is high in anti-nutrients as mentioned above but, these anti-nutrients can be reduced when processed into drinks, soaked in water for some time, boiled, or toasted.

Digestive disorder

It is not recommended for people with digestion disorders to eat excess tiger nuts.

Allergic reactions

People who are sensitive to foods that are high in fiber may encounter bloating, stomach constriction, or even diarrhea when they eat too much tiger nuts.

Anti-Nutrient effect

Study shows that fresh raw Tiger nuts are high in anti-nutrient elements like
phytates, oxalates, saponins, and tannins, these minerals listed in the disadvantages of tiger nuts are found in Tiger nuts. However, it may reduce the number of vitamins and minerals your gut can absorb when taken excessively.
Raw Tiger nut is high in anti-nutrients as mentioned above but, these anti-nutrients can be reduced when processed into drinks, soaked in water for some time, boiled, or toasted.


Benefits of Tiger nut for pregnant women Include the role it plays in lowering risks of premature delivery, alleviating muscle cramps, and spasms, source of calcium for the baby’s development. Tigernut no doubt provides vitamins and minerals and other crucial materials like fiber to the body. It therefore can be good in the treatment of diseases that are caused primarily by deficiencies of minerals and vitamins in our body.

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