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6 Amazing foods to fight nausea during pregnancy

foods to fight nausea during pregnancy

Are troubled by execessive nausea? Worry less, In this post you will know 6 amazing foods to fight nausea during pregnancy and practices to remedy excessive vomiting. Women if not all, experience vomiting or nausea during this period of pregnancy, most especially within the first 3 months into the pregnancy, other changes are mood swings, smell, and taste changes as well. Stopping vomiting which some people called “Morning sickness” or proven home remedies and foods that fight nausea during pregnancy is the focus of this article.

One important fact you must understand is that there are a lot of changes that take place in the body system of every pregnant woman, especially if it is their first time.  During pregnancy, most women experience unexpected and surprising increases in estrogen and progesterone.

Vomiting during pregnancy

It is not a bad thing to experience Nausea or vomiting during pregnancy. Some of these changes or increases in hormones can be beneficial in the sense that, the increase in estrogen during pregnancy helps the UTERUS and PLACENTA to do the following;

  • Improve the formation of blood vessels.
  • Helps to transfer nutrients from mother to baby.
  • Helps the baby’s formation and development inside the womb.
Case of excessive nausea, or vomiting in pregnancy. But in this case, excessive nausea or vomiting during pregnancy could be a thing of concern. According to NHS, excessive nausea and vomiting during pregnancy  “is known as hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)”, and this requires that the person involved should consult her doctor for possible  treatment

Symptoms of Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is not a good sign, it has implications compared to normal nausea and vomiting.
Here are how to know if you have hyperemesis gravidarum.

  •  If you experience prolonged and severe nausea and vomiting.
  •  Always thirsty.
  •  Experiencing low blood pressure (hypotension)  when standing for a short time.

Duration of Nausea during pregnancy?

When it comes to the duration of nausea or vomiting popularly called “morning sickness”, there are always variations in the duration due to differences in the individual body systems, but research shows that Nausea and Vomiting during pregnancy last up to 9 to 14 weeks into pregnancy. Whereas, in some cases, it may last for several weeks or months.

Foods To Fight Nausea During Pregnancy

Although, nausea or vomiting are paths of pregnancy but sometimes can be frustrating, because some may find it difficult to eat since they will eventually vomit after eating. Here are foods that can help fight nausea during pregnancy.

Lemon fruit

Lemon fruits can be of great help when it comes to fighting nausea due to their refreshing taste and scent which can help soothe your stomach when you start feeling nausea.
You can make it handy, by stashing some of it inside your handbag. You can lick the slice, squeeze it into a cup, or even add them to you your drinks.

Lemongrass Tea

taking Lemongrass  tea can help reduce nausea during pregnancy,


Ginger is known commonly among the Chinese, and research shows that it is one the best natural food to consume when the feeling of nausea arise.  You can make it into recipes for preparing awesome delicacies, or other ways like making it into tea or  drinks ginseng

 Vitamin B6-rich foods

There are varieties of foods out there that are rich in vitamin B6  they include:
Poultry birds, like chickens.

  1. Fish.
  2. Peanuts.
  3. Soya beans.
  4. Bananas.
  5. Potatoes.
  6. Vegetables.
  7. Wheatgerm. And so many others. Medical research reveals that the vitamins of B6 can help curtail nausea.


Research shows that peppermint might help in curbing vomiting which most people called  “morning sickness”. You can take peppermint-flavored tea or make it into hard candies for consumption.

 Scent Leaf 

Scent leaf is known for its aromatic taste in food, it can help curb odors, reduce stomach upset and so many other amazing health benefits. You use it to cook porridge, squeeze a little quantity of its leaf into a cup, and drink.

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 Nausea Remedies

During pregnancy, you can not entirely stop vomiting because it is part of the effect of changes in the body system of most pregnant women. But you can reduce it through the following practices;

  1. Take any of the food listed above such as Peppermint, Scent Leaf, or Ginger.  They can help reduce it as well.
  2.  Isolate yourself from any taste or scents that always trigger nausea or make you feel like vomiting.  It could be at home or work, staying a distance away from the smell, and avoiding eating such food.
  3.  Always take in multiple vitamins and fruits Like watermelon and cucumbers. Study shows that these fruits can help to curtail dehydration by keeping the body hydrated.
  4. Some believe that  Iron minerals can cause nausea in pregnant women, but this is still subject to more verification. So you reduce the intake of it. But in the case of excess vomiting please consult your doctor for possible medical assistance or counseling.
  5.  Avoid staying in a congested room. Also, ensure proper ventilation by staying in a clean environment where you can get fresh air.

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