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How To Use Clove and Moringa for Infection and Fertility

Clove and Moringa extracts are two distinct yet powerful herbal plants with lots of medicinal benefits for health and fertility. Both plants have been in use for years, and have made a name in Ayurvedic medicine. Today we shall explore, the benefits of Clove and Moringa Combined.



Cloves are the dried flower buds of a tree called Syzygium aromaticum, which is indigenous to Indonesia. They are a popular spice used in many cuisines around the world, and they also have several health benefits.

One thing about cloves is that they are a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants play the role of scavenging free radicals and can help protect your cells from damage [1]. Secondly, clove also contains eugenol, a compound with antibacterial and antifungal properties. This means clove extract can help fight infectious diseases detrimental to health and fertility.


According to research from several scientific studies, cloves extract contains nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, manganese, sodium, iron, boron, and zinc [2]. It also contains Eugenol including phytochemical compounds such as Methyl salicylate, Chavicol, B-Caryophyllene, Cubebene, Eugenyl acetate, Caryophyllene oxide, Humuladienone, Epicubenol [3].

The nutrients mentioned above, further show that cloves can help;

  • Relieve toothache pain
  • Fight infections
  • Improve digestion
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Boost your immune system
  • Protect against cancer.

Cloves use

Cloves can be used whole or ground. They are often added to dishes like curries, stews, and desserts. You can also use clove oil, which is made by distilling cloves. Clove oil can be used as a topical treatment for pain, inflammation, and infections. Cloves can equally be combined with other herbs like Aidan fruits (Prekese), Moringa, Cinnamon, and lemongrass for various health reasons such as making remedies for infectious diseases.

Facts About cloves

  • Cloves are a member of the Myrtle family, which also includes eucalyptus, bay leaves, and cinnamon.
  • The name “clove” comes from the Latin word “clavus,” which means “nail.” This is because the dried flower buds of the clove tree resemble nails.
  • Cloves are a popular ingredient in many Christmas recipes, such as gingerbread and fruitcake.
  • They are also used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of conditions, including toothache, nausea, and diarrhea.

Overall, cloves are a versatile spice with several health benefits. If you are looking for a way to add flavor and nutrition to your meals, cloves are a great option.


Moringa powder extract
Moringa extract

Moringa is a plant that is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and is now grown in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. It is known by many names, including the drumstick tree, the horseradish tree, and the miracle tree. Moringa is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree that can reach up to 30 feet tall. The leaves, flowers, seeds, and roots of the moringa tree are all edible [4] and have been used for centuries in traditional medicine [5].

Moringa is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The leaves are particularly high in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. Moringa is also a good source of protein and amino acids [6].

There is some scientific evidence to support the health benefits of moringa. For example, moringa has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. Recently, some studies suggest, Moringa may also help protect against cancer, and relieve pain, improve heart health, decrease cholesterol levels [7, 8].

It is generally believed that moringa extracts can help.

  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve heart health
  • Protect against cancer
  • Relieve pain.

Clove and Moringa for infections

Clove and Moringa
Clove and Moringa

Clove extract may help in treating certain sexually transmitted infections. Phytochemical analysis of clove has shown that clove essential oil compound compounds known as Eugenol has antifungal effects against pathogenic fungi such as (Fusarium moniliforme, Helminthosporium oryzae, and Rhizoctonia solani), and antioxidant effective against Fusarium moniliforme and Helminthosporium Oryza [9].

Moringa contains several compounds that have antimicrobial properties, including quercetin, kaempferol, and isothiocyanates. These compounds have been shown to inhibit the growth of a variety of bacteria, including Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), and Salmonella typhi.

Studies have shown that Moringa extract could be a potential alternative to treat chronic infections that have grown resistant to drugs [10].

Recently studies have also shown that moringa extract may help boost immune response in the fight against HIV Infection [11]. Another animal study finds Moringa leaf extract can help fight Aeromonas hydrophila infection due to its immunomodulatory properties [12].

Moringa is said to contain certain protein compounds with antifungal properties [13]. Supporting this claim, A 2020 study described Moringa seed extract as a potential antifungal agent that can help against Dermatophytes. Dermatophytes known as the pathogenic fungus grows on the skin, mucous membranes, hair, nails, feathers, and other body surfaces, causing ringworm and related diseases [14].

A study also finds that moringa extract is potential against the Saprolegnia app [15]. Saprolegniasis is a fungal disease that infects freshwater fish [16].

Another related study has also noted that Moringa extract is a promising antiviral agent with the potential to treat several illnesses such as diabetes, skin infection, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV [17].

Moringa extract may also help against urinary tract infections (UTIs). A case study of 30 patients with UTI was randomly divided into two groups with 15 patients in each group. Extracts from Moringa bark were given to the first group of 15 while the remaining second group was given modern medicines prescribed for them.

These went on for 3 consecutive times. However, the result noted that at the end of the treatment, 66.67 percent were cured, 13.33 percent improved, 13.33 percent of patients had no change, and 6.67 percent relapsed in a trial group with moringa extract. while 46.67 percent of the second group were cured, 26.66 percent improved, 6.67 percent patients had no change, and 20 percent relapsed.
In conclusion, moringa extract was shown significant in the management of urinary tract infections and UTIs [18].

Clove and Moringa for fertility

Before we consider the benefits of moringa and cloves, let’s look at how they can help improve fertility.

Moringa extract and clove both have potential benefits for fertility. Moringa extract contains compounds that can inhibit enzymes linked to erectile dysfunction, protect reproductive gametes from free radicals, and increase sperm count and motility in men and chances of getting pregnant in women. It is also a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals important for fertility [19, 20, 21].

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Clove can improve the health and production of sex hormones like testosterone, which can positively affect fertility and sexual performance in both males and females. It can boost testosterone levels, treat erectile dysfunction, and improve sperm parameters by acting as an antioxidant.

Additionally, the most recent study to find the effects of clove on different parts of the reproductive system, suggest clove extract as a suitable herbal extract for fertility-related disorders [22], but of course, more detailed studies are needed to solidify the claim.

However, while this evidence abounds, more research is needed to confirm these findings, incorporating moringa and clove into a healthy diet may be beneficial for couples trying to conceive.

Health Benefits of Clove and Moringa Combined

Yes, there are some potential benefits of combining cloves and moringa.

  • Improved digestion

Both cloves and moringa are known to have digestive benefits. Cloves contain eugenol, which has been shown to stimulate the production of saliva and gastric juices, helping to improve digestion. Moringa is also a good source of fiber, which can help to keep the digestive system running smoothly.

  • Boosted immunity

Both cloves and moringa are also good sources of antioxidants, which can help to boost the immune system. While Cloves contain eugenol, which has been shown to have antimicrobial properties. Moringa is also a good source of vitamin C, which is essential for immune function.

  • Improve heart function.

Cloves contain eugenol, which has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Moringa is also a good source of potassium, which helps to regulate blood pressure. It is also a good source of quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Hence when both are combined, it can help improve heart function.

  • Can help Lower inflammatory pains.

Both cloves and moringa have been shown to have pain-relieving effects. They possess anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Cloves contain eugenol, which has been shown to have analgesic effects. Moringa is also a good source of vitamin B6, which is involved in pain signaling.

However, it is important to note that more research is needed to confirm the potential benefits of combining cloves and moringa. Additionally, it is important to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements, including cloves and moringa, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

How to use cloves and moringa

Here are some recipes for combining cloves and moringa:

  • Clove and moringa tea

Steep 1 teaspoon of ground cloves and 1 teaspoon of moringa powder in 1 cup of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

  • Clove and moringa smoothie

Blend 1 cup of milk, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of moringa powder, and 1/2 teaspoon of ground cloves until smooth.

  • Clove and moringa salad dressing

Whisk together 1/4 cup of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of ground cloves, and 1 teaspoon of moringa powder. Serve over your favorite salad.

Bottom line

Clove and Moringa contain several compounds that have antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties and hence may inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Moringa has quercetin, kaempferol, and isothiocyanates, while clove has Eugenol, and both combined can help fight infectious diseases.

One can say that the benefits of combining clove and moringa extract are numerous, both can complement each other and work together to improve our health. Although, there is evidence supporting the combination of clove and moringa, be sure to seek a doctor’s advice before using this combination, since the impact of a long time use is still unknown.

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