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Moringa for fertility: 7 Scientifically proven benefits for Men

Being an indigenous herb to Northwestern India, Moringa oleifera, popularly known as Moringa been used as a herbal plant for making remedies for several health conditions. Today we shall explore to verify if the use of moringa for fertility is scientifically proven. We shall also uncover several other health benefits of moringa, and how to incorporate its extract into our diet to improve our health.

Moringa for fertility
Moringa extract

There are claims that almost every part of moringa is useful, beneficial for health, and can be used in making remedies for treating more than 300 different ailments [1].

Moringa is a plant that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine in India, and other parts of Asia. it is now grown in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Moringa is a very nutritious plant, and it contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, according to Doctor Fahey in one of his research work [2].

Benefits of Moringa for fertility

Moringa extract may improve fertility as it contains compounds that can inhibit the key enzymes that are linked to erectile dysfunction, reduce oxidative damage [3], and protect reproductive gametes from free radicals.

Moringa is a good source of antioxidants, which can help to protect sperm and egg cells from damage. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals that are important for fertility, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc [1].

There is some evidence to suggest that moringa may also be beneficial for couples who are trying to conceive. For example, one study found that men who took moringa extract for 6 months had an increase in sperm count and motility. Another study found that women who took moringa extract for 3 months had an increase in their chances of getting pregnant.

Of course, more research is needed to confirm these findings. However, the potential health benefits of moringa for couples make it a worthwhile addition to any healthy diet.

Moringa benefits for men

  • Promote prostate health

Moringa can be used for numerous different health conditions, like preventing the growth of prostate cancer cells due to its glucosinolates content. According to a test tube-based study, glucosinolates, a compound found in Moringa seed help inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells [4, 5].

Supporting this claim, was another related study conducted using rats as a case study. It was discovered at the end of the study that mice that received moringa leaf extract before being administered testosterone, experienced a significant decrease in prostate weight [6].

Please note that humans based study is needed to verify the real impact of moringa extract on prostate health. be sure to seek medical advice before using moringa extract for any health problems.

  • Enhance erectile functions

According to research, Oxidative stress has been linked with erectile dysfunction due to the excessive generation of free radicals in the cavernosal tissues [7], which impact may erection.

To maintain a strong erection, proper and adequate blood flow to the male organ is needed. Moringa leaves are rich in polyphenols, a compound that can stimulate the production of nitric oxide which enhances blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels [8, 9].

According to a study, the phenolic compound in Moringa leaf extract may inhibit the key enzymes that are linked to erectile dysfunction and oxidative stress [3].

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  • Protect Male gametes from oxidative damage.

Moringa leaves contain compounds (flavonoids and polyphenols) that have antioxidant properties that can help counter the impact of free radicals [10, 11].

Studies have equally noted that oxidative stress has a detrimental impact on sperm and could reduce its quality [12, 13]. While another study suggests it could alter cell DNA [14].

Scientifically proven benefits of Moringa

1. Lowers inflammation

Research shows that extract from moringa root contains a compound with anti-inflammatory properties [15, 16]. Also, an old animal study on inflammatory-induced rats noted a significant reduction in the effect of inflammation.

The results from the study suggest that extracts from moringa root may be helpful treatment of inflammatory conditions [17]. Additional studies noted that Moringa is a good source of antioxidants [18], which can help reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be a factor in many health problems, including infertility study reveals [19].

2. Improved heart health:

Moringa is a good source of antioxidants, which can help to protect the heart from damage. It is also a good source of potassium, which is an important mineral for heart health.

Moringa has also been shown to protect against inflammation, a factor attributed to many chronic diseases and those related to heart conditions.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research noted that moringa extract is rich in compounds that support a healthy cardiovascular system, normalize blood glucose levels, and counter the impact of free radicals [20].

According to one animal study, Moringa extract demonstrated a hypolipidemic effect on Hyperlipidemia induced rats and showed a significant decrease in total cholesterol [21].

3. Improved blood sugar control

Uptake of sugar into cells or Increasing production of insulin is essential to maintain a balanced sugar level in our system.

Moringa leaves and seeds extract have been shown to have the ability to induce insulin secretion. Supporting this, an animal study on diabetic mice and rats, which were fed Moringa extract showed an increase in the production of insulin, which can help lower sugar levels [22].

Furthermore, Moringa is a good source of fiber, which can help to regulate blood sugar levels. It is also a good source of magnesium, a mineral that is important for blood sugar control.

However, in another 2 study, 10 healthy adults and 17 others with type 2 diabetes were fed 20 grams of the leaf powder with a meal. The result showed an increase in insulin secretion but there was no noticeable effect on blood sugar levels [23, 24].

Although the results of these studies are promising, however, more quality studies based on human beings should be conducted to fully understand the impact of moringa on long time usage.

4. Improved immune system

Antioxidants play an important role in our body especially their activities against free radicals. To have good functional working conditions, a balance must be maintained between Antioxidants and free radicals so that oxidative stress may not overwhelm our body system and cause health concerns.

Moringa is a good source of antioxidants [25], which can help to boost the immune system. It is also a good source of vitamins A and C, which are important vitamins for the immune system [26, 27].

In addition to these potential health benefits, moringa is also a good source of protein, calcium, and iron. These nutrients are important for both men and women, and they can help to improve overall health and well-being.

How to use Moringa

Here are some ways to incorporate moringa into your diet:

  • Add moringa powder to smoothies, shakes, or yogurt.
  • Sprinkle moringa leaves on salads or cooked vegetables.
  • Make moringa tea by steeping moringa leaves in hot water.
  • Use moringa oil in cooking or as a skin moisturizer.

What can I mix with moringa powder?

  • You get a rich blend of anti-infection tonic by mixing moringa powder with clove water extract. Just a teaspoon of the into warm clove water, stir and drink first in the morning once daily. It is believed to help against infection.
  • You can add it to coconut water, fresh apple juice, or orange juice.
  • You also add honey together with half (1/2) teaspoon Moringa powder into a cup of warm water and drink as morning tea.

If you are considering adding moringa to your diet, it is important to talk to your doctor first. Moringa can interact with some medications, so it is important to make sure that it is safe for you to take.

Overall, moringa is a nutritious plant that has many potential health benefits. It is especially beneficial for couples who are trying to conceive. If you are looking for a way to improve your overall health and well-being, moringa is a great option.

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