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How to make Aidan fruits and clove tea for fertility

Aidan fruit and clove tea

The intake of Aidan fruits and clove tea for fertility. Aidan fruits and clove extract can help against STDs, and fungi diseases, and boost body antioxidants.

So if you are having a hard time getting pregnant, and think the delay is related to infections, or experiencing hormonal imbalance? Or painful menstruation.

Indeed, Aidan fruits and clove are two potential herbal extracts that when combined in tea or herbal mixture have a powerful influence on both male and female fertility. It has proven its efficacy in treating fertility-related problems.

Benefits of Aidan fruits and clove tea for fertility

There are lots of fertility benefits to combining these two extracts.

1. Boost body defense against STDs

Clove extract has been known for centuries, for its effects against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), thanks to its antioxidant and antifungal properties which experts in traditional medicines have used in treating fertility-related problems.[1]

2. Enhance the production of sex hormones

Clove is known traditionally for its role in enhancing the production of sex hormones such as testosterone, and more importantly, it contains eugenol a compound that helps to strengthen the immune system in the fight against infections. A study also claims that it can boost sperm parameters (sperm count, motility, and morphology). [2]

3. Relief of menstrual pains

Drinking Aidan fruits and clove tea for fertility can help improve ovulation, during menstruation women are advised to drink Aidan fruit tea or herbal water extract if they experience cramps or pain. Also, clove is another herbal extract that produces a powerful effect when combined with other herbs such as Aidan fruits.

4. Cleanses the womb

For womb cleansing, In eastern Nigeria where Aidan is mostly found, women are given Aidan fruit tea or water to help them flush blood remains and other toxins from their womb, as well as prepare them for future pregnancies.

5. Improve wound healing

Aidan fruit and clove tea facilities wound healing. It has been a practice in Igboland that women are given hot and watery soup after childbirth, this is to enable them to heal up faster and stronger to take care of their babies.

These watery soups are prepared with Aidan fruit and Uda, which have been found potential due to their healing properties. Both are extracted and used in preparing these foods.

Additionally, Aidan fruits and clove tea have the required nutrients to detoxify the body system and improve blood circulation. Some women prepare this tea for weight loss and baby fat removal.

Aidan fruits and clove tea may lower the activities of ROS (reactive oxygen species) which induce molecular damage thanks to their rich antioxidant properties. In some cases, it is denoted as ‘oxidative stress’. This oxidative stress can do a lot of damage to the body’s system and may lower sperm quality and induce premature aging.

How to prepare Aidan fruits and clove tea for fertility

Recipes For Aidan fruits and clove tea for fertility
1. Half a stick of Aidan fruits.
2. Handful of Cloves
3. Honey
4. Ginger (optional)
5. Lemongrass (optional)

Extract the soft outer part of Aidan fruit that covers the seed (the pod) and slice it into smaller pieces.

• Add about 8 to 10 pieces of clove together with the pod extracted from Aidan fruits inside the teapot and add a liter of water.

• Add a small quantity of lemongrass and ginger extract. this is optional

• Boil for 30 to 40 minutes then remove heat and allow to cool.

• Sieve out brownish water extracts into a storage container.

• Drink 1 teacup of the extract mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey first thing every morning before breakfast.

For menstruation-related problems, this should be taken starting 3 days before menstruation.

Side effects

This tea combination is safe for everyone except pregnant women. Despite the numerous benefits of Aiden fruit and clove tea for fertility, this tea combination should be avoided during pregnancy most especially during the first trimester due to its womb-cleansing properties that may affect your pregnancy.

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