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3 Emerging Bitter Leaf Benefits On Fertility, Pregnancy & Nursing Mothers

Bitter Leaf Benefits On Fertility, Pregnancy & Nursing Mothers form the basis of today’s discussion. Vernonia amygdalina popularly known as bitter leave is among the top most beneficial leaves in the history of African traditional medicine. It is packed with several vitamins and minerals that contribute greatly to health, in addition to this, it’s used […]

2 Harmful Effects Of Fluted Pumpkin Leaf (Ugu) Lethal To Sperm Health

The harmful effects of fluted pumpkin leaf & seed on fertility is something that should be known by everyone because of its impact on male and female fertility. Fluted pumpkin leaves (Ugu) are very nutritious and incredibly beneficial to health in so many ways but without the knowledge of the harmful effects of fluted pumpkin […]

Impressive fertility benefits of Jute leaf (Ewedu leaves)

Speaking of the fertility benefits of Jute (Ewedu) Leaves, it’s a vegetable loaded with zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, and more that may help to boost fertility in males and females. You will learn about many more as you go further. Corchorus olitorius is a plant that may be found and grown in several […]

6 Proven local vegetable foods to boost fertility in males & females naturally 

Are there vegetable foods to boost fertility? There are numerous fruits and vegetables foods to boost fertility that a lot of people have talked about, yet some are underrated, and people barely talk about them because of how common these vegetables may seem. Most of them are excellently fortified with essential vitamins and minerals needed by […]

7 Impressive Fluted Pumpkin Leaf Benefits

Fluted Pumpkin Leaf Benefits are numerous. The leaves are the most available, useful, and popular part of this vegetable, they can serve various purposes such as juice for boosting blood flow, use to prepare salad, smoothies, sauce, or to prepare the soup. The leaves have several health benefits detailed in this post. It may equally […]

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