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3 Emerging Bitter Leaf Benefits On Fertility, Pregnancy & Nursing Mothers

Bitter Leaf Benefits On Fertility

Bitter Leaf Benefits On Fertility, Pregnancy & Nursing Mothers form the basis of today’s discussion. Vernonia amygdalina popularly known as bitter leave is among the top most beneficial leaves in the history of African traditional medicine. It is packed with several vitamins and minerals that contribute greatly to health, in addition to this, it’s used to prepare several delicious meals.

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A related study carried out to analyze the composition of a bitter leaf reveals the presence of the following;
  • Ash Value
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins such as B12, B1, A, E, and C.
  • Minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, and Iron.
  • Phytochemicals such as Flavonoids, Glycosides, Saponins, Tannins, steroids, and Alkaloids.


A Cup Of Bitter Leaf juice
A Cup Of Bitter Leaf juice

Is it good to drink bitter leaf?

It is not only good to drink bitter leaf juice or water extract for stomach discomfort but wise to drink it from time to time due to its numerous health benefits. Gather your freshly cut bitter leaves into a large bowl add a little salt wash it with warm water, remove the dirty water before you start squeezing it, continue to squeeze it until the leave structure is completely crushed, and add a little more water depending on the concentration you want to have, filter out the juicy extract and pour it into a clean cup then your bitter leaf juice is ready for drinking.


1. Enhances men’s sexual performance

Intake of bitter leaf juice may enhance men’s sexual performance by stabilizing the flow of blood needed for a stronger erection. Study shows that juicy extra from bitter leaf juice can eliminate bad cholesterol and prevent the accumulation of fat in the artery that may obstruct blood circulation.

2. Improves the production of sex hormones.

According to research, zinc found in bitter leaf is a mineral that plays a major role in balancing hormones and boosts the immune system.

3. A low dose of bitter leaf juice can improve sperm parameters.

Can Bitterleaf increase motility? A study to know the fertility impact of bitter leaf extract on Iimmunosuppressed Wistar rats reveals that a low dosage of bitter juice can improve sperm parameters in male rats like

Can Bitter Leaf Kill Sperm Cell?

NO! A study on Iimmunosuppressed Wistar rats revealed that a moderate intake may boost sperm quality and quantity due to the presence of essential minerals such as Zinc, Manganese, and Iron, Riboflavin in the bitter leaf which is also helpful in balancing hormones and boosts the immune system.

However, a related study in the US on male rats, reveals that excessive intake of bitter leaf extracts for a lengthy period can aggravate testicular degeneration which may cause a significant reduction in sperm quality.


The use of bitter leaf juice for fertility dates back to the early days before the invention of Western medicine. Bitter leaf helps relieve menstrual pain, and menstrual cramps, and curb hormonal imbalance and stomach discomfort. Research also shows that it can help in detoxification. Also, it can help improve the overall function of the human reproductive system.


Strengthens uterine contractions during childbirth. In African traditional medicine, bitter leaf is one of the herbal medicine used during pregnancy, it serves as an important herb used in the early days to help pregnant women deliver their child due to its stimulating properties which help the child along the uterine and genitalia tract.


Boost breast milk production:

Testimony has it that taking a cup of bitter leaf juice can greatly assist breastfeeding mothers in producing breast milk.

Helps to curb Baby fever

In African Traditional medicine, fever which can be lethal in babies is controlled using bitter leaf extracts, with antipyretic properties, fever in children is curbed, and also for treating malaria in adults as a result of Quinone content.


Bitter Leaf Juice Is Good Medicine For Stomach Discomfort.

Simply squeeze the leaf and drink the water extract you will be relieved.

Fights Prostate Cancer.

Men above 40 years should worry much about prostate cancer, but if they can make bitter leaf juice their favorite drink, the risk will be reduced according to a study, bitter leaf extracts may restrict, delay, or kill cancerous cells.

Offers protection against hepatic damage induced by acetaminophen.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Environmental Research and

Public Health on mice to determine the biological activities of bitter leaf suggests that it can help protect against acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity and oxidative stress.

Treatment Of Fever.

In Nigeria and many other African countries, bitter leave extract is widely used to treat fever and is a good substitute for quinine.

It Helps In Food Digestion

If you are suffering from acute indigestion, squeeze the leaf, then drink the watery extract and you will be relieved.

Relief Tooth Ache & Fight Tooth Decay

In traditional medicine, Nigeria in Africa for example people are advised to use bitter leaf stems as chewing sticks to relieve toothache.

Helps To Stabilize Blood Pressure

A study on medicinal herbs used in Nigeria for the management of hypertension.
and diabetes recorded that the aortic smooth muscle maximum relaxation of 31.3 +/-3.1% was observed suggesting that bitter leaf extract can contribute greatly to the management of hypertension.

Boost Immune System

The study suggests that bitter leaf extracts can greatly improve the human immune system due to the presence of certain chemical compounds, vitamins, and minerals.

Bottom line

The Bitter Leaf Benefits On Fertility, Pregnancy & Nursing Mothers are numerous, although I do not recommend an overdose of bitter leaf juice due to the presence of phytochemical compounds in them which may have some adverse effects on the body, adding a bitter leaf to foods like soup is a great way to enjoy it with no risk.

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