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4 Impressive Tiger Nuts Benefits Sexually

The sexual benefits of tiger nuts for men are what most of them now bank on to explore the richness oftiger nut milk drink. It is not only beneficial to pregnant women alone or nursing mothers but to men with low sex drive as well as those that can not last in bed. It is not only helpful in making erection to be turgid but as well boosts stamina due to Arginine a compound that increases our energy level.

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Tiger Nuts & fertility: Amazing Sexual Benefits of tiger nuts for men

Tiger Nuts Benefits Sexually

Tiger nuts are good source of libido-boosting vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, and Omega-3 fatty acids which help to increase the sex drive for both men and women.
Tiger nuts can be seen as a superfood due to their rich content of different nutrients and have been linked to several health benefits ranging from curbing indigestion, helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease and so many other benefits.

Sexual Benefits of tiger nuts for men

Men who understood this fact have taken advantage of eating tiger nuts or drinking its milk to improve their performance and last longer during sexual intercourse all thanks to the arginine content in it which plays a vital role in achieving this fit.

Increases Sexual Urge

Tiger nuts contain libido-boosting minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, and Omega-3 fatty acids which help to increase the sex drive in males.

Helps men last longer

Intake of tiger nuts or drinking its milk can enhance performance during intercourse. Tiger nuts are no doubt rich in protein that helps to boost energy and performance during intercourse and other heavy-duty work.

Curbs Erectile Dysfunction

Arginine and omega 3 content in tiger nuts can help to boost the rate of blood circulation throughout the body, especially from the heart to the arteries of the penis resulting in a strong erection, this contributes to better performance in bed.

Improves Sperm Count

Tiger nut is rich in many vitamins and minerals like zinc, and research reveals that zinc help to boost testosterone production which helps to ensure quality sperm.
Finally, while looking for a way to boost sexual health and improve your sperm quality, remember that maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle should be a course taken seriously by every man. Although World Health Organization estimation reveals that about 48 million couples and 186 million individuals battle with infertility globally, there are lots of factors that contribute to infertility in both men and women in recent times.

Causes of Infertility

Knowledge of the major cause of infertility is a step toward the solution, in this regard, there are causative factors you should be wary of that can contribute to infertility

Problem with the ejection of sperm.

Many factors could hinder the male reproductive tract from ejecting sperm during intercourse, it can be due to blockage of tubes (seminal vesicles) that transport spermThis blockage is a resultant effect of injuries, Genital Tract Infection (GTI), or Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI).

Shortage or low sperm count.

Unbalance hormones can greatly impact testosterone which regulates the production of sperm in males. Hormonal anomalies could be a result of some medical conditions and treatments which may reduce sperm production example chemotherapy.

Unstable shape (morphology) and movement (motility) of the sperm.

This is mostly a man-made factor, for example, using anabolic steroids to stimulate and grow muscle tissue can greatly affect sperm morphology and motility (case study – gym and muscle builder). Research reveals that the use of anabolic steroids can cause anomalies in sperm parameters like count and shape

Factors That Increase the Risk Of Infertility

Environmental factors

Environmental factors such as exposing oneself to pollution such as lead acetate, Carbons, and other chemicals that could become toxic to the body. Exposing the testicles to high heat intensity

Lifestyle factors

Lifestyle factors such as excessive intake of alcohol, smoking, and even obesity is a risk factors that could affect reproductive gametes (sperm & egg). Use of certain prohibited drugs.

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