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Disadvantages of Tiger nuts, Benefits To Nursing Mothers 

Are there disadvantages of tiger nuts? Yes! Consuming raw tiger nuts in excess may increase the quantity of anti-nutrient compounds such as phytates —and anions that can bind and reduce nutrient absorbance in the body. It contains other anti-nutrition elements Like Oxalate, Saponin, and others that may reduce nutrient absorbance.

Disadvantages of tiger nuts

Disadvantages of Tiger nuts

It may interest you to know what we eat and how we eat them is detrimental to our health.
Excessive intake of a tiger may cause indigestion due to the high fiber content in tiger nuts.  Tiger nuts, whether juice or nuts when taken too much, especially the raw ones may cause some damage to the system to a certain degree.


It is not healthy for people with digestive disorders to consume high quantities of tiger nuts, since it’s rich in fiber which may not conveniently digest easily. 

Stomach constriction

Individuals who are susceptible to foods that are high in fiber may encounter bloating, stomach constriction, or even diarrhea when they eat too much tiger nuts.

Antinutrient effect

Fresh Raw Tiger nuts are high in anti-nutrient elements like phytates, oxalates, saponins, and tannins may reduce the number of vitamins and minerals your gut can absorb. [2]


Excessive intake of raw tiger nuts may cause bloating – conditions where gas is accumulated in the stomach, you may also experience abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, or constipation which may be triggered by improper digestion of consumed tiger nuts.

Despite the numerous Benefits To Nursing Mothers and pregnant women, the Disadvantages of Tiger nuts (possible side effects of eating tiger nuts) can not be overlooked. Yes, it is a superfood packed with several nutrients (Vitamins, minerals, and phytochemical compounds) that are no doubt important and needed in the body, but some of these phytochemicals have antinutrient properties that can even prevent nutrient absorption.

Tiger nuts for Nursing Mothers

  • Helps to reduce the chances of immature childbirth.
  • Tiger nut is good a source of calcium for strong bones and teeth.
  • It helps to induce breast milk production in nursing mothers.

Tiger nuts for Pregnant Women

Are tiger nuts good for pregnant women? Yes, Tiger nuts are exceptionally beneficial for pregnant women during pregnancy period due to the presence of essential vitamins and minerals needed for their baby’s health and development.

What are the benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy? 

  • Tiger nuts contain a satisfactory source of vitamins C and E needed by pregnant women to boost their immune systems.
  • Helps to reduce the chances of having cardiovascular diseases.
  • Tiger nuts are a good source of fiber and help in lowering our chances of becoming diabetic.
  • Tiger nuts contain essential minerals such as Iron which may help fight anemia.

Can Tiger Nuts Cause Miscarriage?

Can intake of tiger nuts cause miscarriage?
No, there is yet to be a case where miscarriage is attributed to the consumption of tiger nuts hence, can say it’s safe for consumption during pregnancy but fresh and raw tiger nut is not recommended because of the traces of anti-nutrient elements found in unprocessed ones.
In my previous post, I pointed out the numerous health benefits of Tiger nuts not only good for a pregnant woman, but also for everybody that consumes them. We were able to establish that tiger nuts are beneficial health-wise.

Anti-nutrient in tiger nuts

  • Oxalate a chemical that exists naturally, it can be classified into the anions family in chemistry with a chemical formula of C₂O₄²⁻.

Major source: Plant & Animal.

Research shows that this natural nutrient is not good for the human body because too much of it may cause kidney diseases like kidney stones.

  • Saponins are self-existing yet toxic chemicals, Although are harmful to the human body but very useful to plants. It safeguards healthful plants against pathogens from insect bites, fungi, and bacteria. [1]
  • Phytates is phosphorus chemicals that naturally exist in plant-like seed, nuts legumes, and other plants. It is also an ionizing chemical that produces phytate anion due to this, it can readily bind with other nutritional elements thereby reducing the rate of their absorption in the body. [3]
  • Tannins are called polyphonic chemicals. It can prevent the assimilation of other body nutrition by binding itself with them.
Bottom line
Excessive consumption of raw tiger nuts may be disadvantageous due to the presence of anti-nutrient elements such as phytates, oxalates, saponins & tannins may reduce nutrient absorption These anti-nutrient elements and others listed above only exist in their tiniest form, however, they can not be ignored since when excess can cause damage. It is therefore wise to reduce excess intake of raw tiger nuts, raw opt for processed forms of it like Tiger nut milk, tiger nut flour, etc.

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