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How to make Parsley tea for fertility: 4 Emerging benefits and side effect

Intake of Parsley tea for fertility may help regulate menstrual cycles and improve ovulation and the chances of conception. It’s tea is a herbal tea, loaded with nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and antioxidants which are important for reproductive health.

Anecdotal evidence from some traditional medicine practitioners shows that the rich antioxidant properties of parsley tea may help protect reproductive cells from damage caused by oxidative stress.

Parsley tea for fertility

Parsley tea

How to make parsley tea for fertility.

Parsley tea is an antioxidant-rich tea, easy to prepare, less-cost, and delicious blend, which may supplement some lacking nutrients in the body.

To make parsley tea, you only need

  • A few leaves of fresh parsley
  • A cup of water
  • A Honey or lemon (optional)

Tea instructions

  • Wash the parsley thoroughly under running water to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Chop the parsley leaves into small pieces.
  • Bring the water to a boil in a pot.
  • Add the chopped parsley to the hot water.
  • Remove the heat and let the parsley simmer for 5-10 minutes.
  • Strain the tea into a cup using a fine mesh strainer.
  • Add honey or lemon to taste, as desired.


Benefits of parsley tea for fertility

Parsley tea provides a range of benefits for men’s and women’s reproductive health, as detailed below.

1. Supplies fertility-boosting nutrients

Parsley is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and potassium, which are important for fertility and overall health and well-being.

In case you don’t know, vitamin C is important for fertility as it aids the absorption of nutrients, which can help boost reproductive function. It also speeds up wound healing, and fights infections [1, 2].

Vitamin C as a water-soluble vitamin can help lower the risk of disease and infection [3, 4] detrimental fertility. It increases the body’s antioxidant levels as it acts as an antioxidant.

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2. Fights fertility-damaging free radicals

Extracts of parsley have an antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

It is a known fact that free radicals are detrimental [5] to our reproductive health as they may bring about conditions that may cause infertility [6, 7].

Parsley contains antioxidants that help protect the body cells and reproductive gametes from damage caused by free radicals [8].

Antioxidants play a vital role in immune system defense, and the study indicates that antioxidants may help lower the risk of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes, including cancer [9, 10].

Results from a test-tube study indicated that the rich antioxidant composition of parsley extract contributed to preventing DNA damage and as well inhibited the growth of certain cancer cells [11].

Parsley extract is found to contain a high amount of flavonoids, carotenoids, ascorbic acid, and tocopherol [12]. These are powerful antioxidants compound that strengthens our body’s immunity to combat invaders of our body system.

Another interesting evidence that parsley extract fights free radicals is noted in a rat study. The result revealed that feeding rats with concentrated parsley extract was able to slow down the impact of oxidative stress and equally increased their antioxidant level [13].

3. Supports healthy menstruation

Anecdotal evidence from some experts in traditional medicines who have adopted the use of parsley extract in making herbal remedies for fertility issues believes that parsley extract can help regulate menstrual cycles and improve ovulation, which may increase the chances of conception.

Supporting this claim, a study noted that two important compounds known as myristicin and apiole [14] found in parsley can influence estrogen secretion which supports healthy menstruation, balances hormone, and relief menstruation-related issues [15].

Another related review [16] confirmed that parsley extract supports estrogenic activities and can equally act as an antioxidant against oxidation.

Oxidation — a reaction that allows oxygen molecules to split into single atoms, and becomes unpaired electrons, making them unstable and free to bond with other atoms or molecules resulting in oxidative stress.

Please understand that the impact of parsley tea on menstruation is currently limited, hence more research is needed to understand the potential effects of parsley tea on humans.

4. Support liver health

Intake of parsley tonic, smoothies, and tea may promote liver function due to its hepatoprotective effects.

Recent findings indicate that the liver plays an important role in fertility and reproductive function [17].

One rat study to examine the protective effects of parsley extract against oxidative liver damage caused by bile obstruction in rats noted that at the end of the treatment with parsley extracts, a significant decrease in oxidative damage was noticed, and hence extract from parsley may server as a therapeutic agent against liver fibrosis [18].

Similarly, another animal-based study was carried out using 50 female albino rats. This study was to examine the hepatoprotective effects of the aqueous extract of parsley and herbs like basil. However, the results also suggested that the treatment was successful due to the antioxidants property of parsley, basil, and chicory extracts [19].

Side effects of parsley tea

May interact with certain blood thinner drugs such as warfarin (Coumadin).

May cause premature labor if the excess is taken during pregnancy due to its uterine contraction possibility [20].

There are conflicting opinions on the impact of parsley on breast milk production, hence nursing mothers should avoid taking high amounts.

Parsley tea for pregnancy

Currently, there is no scientific evidence to confirm the safety of parsley during pregnancy, however, some pointers suggest that the intake of parsley tea could increase the risk of abortion or early childbirth.

Parsley leaves

Parsley leaves

Parsley benefit for the stomach

Parsley leaves contain fiber which improves food digestion, it may also relieve gastrointestinal discomfort such as indigestion, stomach cramps, and bloating.

Can parsley tea kill you

Parsley tea is considered safe for everyone except those under certain medications as it may interact with blood-thinning drugs. Another concern is for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who should take it after medical consultation.


It is important to note that parsley tea should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment for infertility. If you are struggling with fertility, it is important to speak with health experts to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment options.

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