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5 Amazing Fertility Benefits of Velvet beans mucuna for men

Fertility Benefits of Velvet Beans
[Mucuna Prureins] Velvet Beans
The fertility benefits of Velvet Beans are well known in the field of herbal medicines. Velvet Beans are also called by the botanical name Mucuna Prureins.

Apart from its aphrodisiac nature and its importance in boosting testosterone levels in both males and females, It can also be used to treat other health conditions like Brain Disorders, Elephantiasis, and so many others. Are you Bitten by a Snake or stung by a Scorpion, Velvet bean extract can help you rid the venoms from a snake bite or scorpion sting


Today, we shall uncover every detail about the fertility benefits of velvet Beans. I want you to know that a lot has been said so far by many about the plant and its numerous health benefits.
But our focus today is how to use velvet beans to improve fertility in males and females.

Fertility Benefits of Velvet Beans

The fertility benefits of Velvet Beans also called Cowhage are numerous and are proven effective in treating fertility-related problems such as low libido, premature release, watery sperm count, and erectile dysfunction. Here are some notable fertility benefits of Velvet Beans;

1. Boosts sexual potency

Velvet beans also known as Mucuna Pruriens are a powerful Aphrodisiac and sexual rejuvenating plant that is beneficial to both men and women.

The powdered seed of velvet beans can help boost fertility by increasing sexual strength and desire. It also has a replenishing effect on the neurological system and kidneys and may help slow down aging [1]

2. May help treat Spermatorrhea

Powered Velvet beans seed can be used to treat Spermatorrhea and has been used by experts in herbal medicine due to its efficacy.

In the 19th century, Spermatorrhea in the field of medicine is considered a condition that has overwhelming and corrupting consequences on the body and mind.

Spermatorrhea is a health condition where individuals unintentionally and excessively release sperm.

Collect the seed of Velvet Beans, dry and grind it into powder. Then drink a tablespoon of the powder mixed with 60cl of water once a day, This can help boost fertility by increasing sperm count and motility.

3. Increases testosterone levels

Are you troubled by low testosterone levels? Worry no more, just drink 1 tablespoon of powdered velvet bean seeds mixed with 60cl of water every day.
This remedy is powerful when it comes to boosting fertility in men and women. It’s a proven cure for Azoospermia and Oligospermia and can help increase testosterone levels.

4. Helpful in treating STDs detrimental to fertility

Are you plagued by sexually transmitted diseases? Velvet Bean can be used to treat several sexually transmitted diseases that may cause infertility or affect your reproductive health.

Treat STDs with Velvet bean using this simple method;

Soak 50gram of Velvet Bean seeds together with 200 ml of Milk for 2- 3 hours

Cook until the milk gets vaporized. They extract the residue and powder it together with 30 grams of sugar.


Mixed a quarter tablespoon of the powder with Honey and drink it two times daily.

5. Boosts sexual prowess

Finding it difficult to reach climax during lovemaking? Do you lack energy for sexual performance? If yes? Then, here is a simple solution that can enhance your sexual performance and help you achieve your desired climax.

Remember, that our lifestyle plays a vital role in our health. Lifestyle includes what we eat, the work we do, and the challenges we face in life all can make or mare our reproductive health.

For instance, the restlessness and fatigue you face daily may be detrimental to your sex life and can have both physical and psychological impacts which may often result in a lack of energy or interest in sexual activity.

This is a problem faced by many couples today, due to material pursuit, their matrimonial duty tends will be neglected. But don’t worry, here is a simple solution to give your sex life a boost. Collect the following ingredients:

  1. 10 grams of velvet beans seed.
  2. 10 grams of Indian Spider Plant.
  3. 3 grams of Black Musli
  4. 10 grams of Indian Gooseberry
  5. 10 grams of Land Caltrops
  6. 10 grams of Nutmeg.

Grind all of them together into a powder.
A quarter teaspoon of the powder will be taken with milk before you sleep every night.
This remedy will help treat your reproductive anomalies and equally restore your sexual potency.

Phytochemicals in velvet beans

  • L-dopa
  • Hallucinogenic Tryptamines
  • Phenols
  • Tannins [ 2, 3 ]

Medicinal Uses Velvet Beans

Mucuna Prureins (Velvet Beans) plants have numerous therapeutic properties that have been confirmed by In vitro and in vivo studies [ 4]. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used to treat several health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Brain Disorders, Elephantiasis, and even depression. here are detailed medicinal uses of the Velvet Beans plant.

1. Useful in treating Parkinson’s disease

Studies suggest that the seeds and the leaf extracts of Mucuna Prureins have antiparkinson properties which are proven effective in treating Parkinson’s disease [ 5, 6].
This extract has equally demonstrated neuroprotective effects as a result of its antioxidant compound which effectively scavenges free radicals.

2. Source of food and feed

Velvet beans are verified sources of food for both humans and animals due to their rich protein value [7]. For example, in countries like Asia, America, Africa, and Pacific Islands where it is cultivated on a large scale, the pods are eaten as a vegetable by a human while tender leaves of velvet beans are used as animal fodder.

3. Can be used in treating epileptic conditions

Studies have indicated that the methanol extract of Mucuna Pruriens possesses anti-epileptic and anti-neoplastic properties [8, 9] which help treat epileptic conditions.

4. Use as Antidote for Snake Venom

Snake bites and Scorpion stings can be deadly if neglected. Research has shown that velvet bean extract is effective in neutralizing the venoms from a snake bite or scorpion sting.

In Plateau State, Nigeria for example, traditional medicine experts, use the seed in traditional medicine to neutralize the toxic effects of snake bites as revealed in the study [10].

5. Useful in Treating skin diseases

Studies have indicated the efficacy of velvet bean extract in treating several skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema, which research suggests are triggered due to increased oxidative stress and ROS production 11.

Traditionally, the roots are used in treating inflammation. In such a situation, the roots of Velvet Bean are crushed to make a paste. This paste is rubbed over the inflamed skin as a treatment.

Velvet Beans Side Effects

Despite the huge health and fertility benefits of velvet beans, there exists a downside that may be detrimental to health if we overuse them. Here are the possible side effects;

  • May prevent nutrient absorption

Studies indicate that velvet beans contain complex compounds such as phenols and tannins which are helpful but can bind themselves with protein and prevent its absorption due to their anti-nutritional properties.

  • It may affect liver function

It is advisable to avoid velvet beans entirely if you have any liver conditions.

  • Harmful during pregnancy

The use of herbal extract from Mucuna prurient should be avoided completely during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it may trigger some health complications during this period. An overdose may trigger conditions such as Sleeping Disorders, palpitations, and Increased Body temperature.


Be sure to seek the guidance of an expert before you make use of velvet beans on medicinal grounds.
On noticing any of these symptoms discontinue usage.

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