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Emerging Benefits of Ginger and Lemongrass Tea in Pregnancy

ginger and lemongrass tea
ginger and lemongrass tea

You may be wondering if ginger and lemongrass tea in pregnancy are safe. Honestly, a lot of opinions have been raised concerning the safety of drinking this tea during pregnancy.

Well, let us find out by comparing the benefits with the side before drawings a conclusion.

Ginger and Lemongrass Tea in pregnancy

This tea combination is effective in curbing nausea (morning sickness) and may help to prevent cell damage triggered by free radicals, thanks to its rich antioxidant compounds. You will also discover other interesting benefits detailed below.

Lemongrass and ginger tea Benefits

Here are ginger and lemongrass tea benefits for women during pregnancy

1. Lowers Blood Cholesterol

High cholesterol level is unsafe for pregnant women since they may increase the risk of a heart attack.

Research shows that lemongrass may help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Another related old study indicates the effectiveness of lemongrass extract in reducing cholesterol level in rat that was given cholesterol-rich foods. [1]

2. May Cure Excessive Nausea (Morning Sickness)

It’s ok to vomit during pregnancy but excessive nausea in pregnancy can be frustrating.

The intake of ginger and lemongrass tea during pregnancy is a strong combination that can help curb excessive vomiting during this period.

Studies have equally acknowledged the effectiveness of lemongrass and ginger in reducing nausea. Ginger itself have anti-nausea property because it contains two important compounds namely —(gingerols and shogaols), and a study indicates that they may help reduce nauseous feeling. [2, 3, 4]

You can check for yourself by eating a little quantity of raw Ginger when you feel nauseous.

3. May Help Reduce Pains Triggered by Cramping In The Uterus

A study indicates that ginger may help relieve pain resulting from cramping in the womb, especially for pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy. An analytical study is needed to solidify this report. [5]

Additionally, lemongrass has anti-inflammatory properties against pain due to the presence of essential oil in lemongrass called (citral).

A study has indicated its effectiveness in relieving inflammatory pains [6].

4. Fights Depression (Improves Mood)

The discomfort experienced during the pregnancy period can only be fathomed by pregnant women themselves.

To calm your stressed nerves, and relieve anxiety and depression, the intake of ginger and lemongrass tea during pregnancy can be of help. According to a study, some essential oils found in lemongrass help fight depression and improve your mood. [7]

5. Increases Body Immunity

The immune system of every pregnant woman needs to be strong enough for her safety and the safety of the unborn child.

The intake of ginger and lemongrass tea during pregnancy is a good combination that can give a boost to the immune system. Studies have shown that both ginger and lemongrass in fortified with antioxidants compounds that help the body fights free radicals from oxidative stress.[8]

Free radicals can damage the body cells and it’s not good for women during pregnancy to suffer the consequence of free radicals.

Also, another similar study has shown the antioxidant property of oil extract from lemongrass, as demonstrated in nonsurgical dental procedures [9]. You can discover other 20 Surprising Benefits Of Lemongrass and its Fertility Impact.

Lemongrass and ginger tea side effects

Drinking ginger and lemongrass tea during pregnancy may have the following downside;

1. May Increase The Risk Of Bleeding

It is better to avoid or reduce the intake of ginger and lemongrass tea in the last 2 months of pregnancy as it may prevent blood clotting and increase the risk of bleeding during childbirth.

This is mostly applied to those with a history of miscarriage or bleeding disorder. [10]

There is also a question as to whether this tea combination can cause miscarriage.

It depends on usage, due to the presence of myrcene and citral oil in lemongrass when an overdose is taken, it may cause leakage on the wall of the fetus which may not have a good outcome.

2. May experience Burping

Regular intake of ginger may cause you to experience heartburn, burping, and gas. Reduce the dose or avoid regular intake of ginger and lemongrass tea during pregnancy for you may experience this downside of ginger leading to unpleasant side effects [11].

Burping— when there is excess gas in the stomach or upper intestine released from the mouth. It doesn’t occur due to an underlying disease but rather when you drink excess carbonated drinks, including ginger tea.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of ginger and lemongrass tea in pregnancy is not clear. However, due to the controversies rounding the safety of drinking this combination of Tea in pregnancy, it is wise to avoid an overdose or excessive drinking of this tea combination to reduce the possibility of the side effect outlined above.

For ginger, some research suggests a single gram of ginger (1gram) every day can be safe [12].

Ginger and Lemongrass tea Recipe


  • A bunch of lemongrass leaves and stalk
  • A single rhizome of the ginger
  • Honey


  1. Gather a bunch of lemon grass leaves or stalk.
  2. Wash them with clean water before you cut them into pieces of a least 1-inch length. Optionally, you can use sun-dried leaves of lemongrass and powdered ginger in the absence of fresh ones.
  3. Slice your ginger into small pieces
  4. Pour them into the teapot and add a liter of water
  5. Boil it for at least 6 minutes or more.
  6. Filter to remove leaves or stalk then add honey and serve hot or chilled.

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Is Lemongrass in tea during pregnancy safe?

It may put you at risk if it is your first trimester due to the presence of myrcene and citral compounds in lemongrass. However, you can consult your doctor first.

Accidentally drank tea with lemongrass while pregnant, am I safe?

Yes, nothing will happen, It may only be unsafe if you drink excess or overdose.

Is Ginger tea in pregnancy safe?

Ginger tea during pregnancy may help relieve pains you may experience as a result of uterus cramping.

Turmeric ginger lemongrass tea benefits

It is a great tea combination that may help relieve inflammatory pain, It may curb depression and improve mood due to its anti-depression and anti-inflammatory properties.

Can a pregnant woman take lemon grass and ginger tea?

Yes! If you are experiencing excessive nausea, or morning sickness, drinking the tea may help keep curb pain due to cramping of the uterus.

What are the benefits of lemon grass to a pregnant woman?

It may lower cholesterol levels, improve heart function, as well as improve your mood.

Take away

Drinking ginger and lemongrass tea during pregnancy can effectively curb the discomfort of morning sickness (nausea), as ginger itself has an anti-nausea effect thanks to its gingerols and shogaols content. Additionally, both are fortified with antioxidants —compounds that help to prevent cell damage triggered by free radicals.20 Surprising Benefits Of Lemongrass and its Fertility Impact.

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