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Nyanya Leaves for Fertility— Emerging Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Nyanya Leaves for fertility
Momordica balsamina

Are you among the millions of couples out there facing fertility-related problems? Know that you can bank on Nyanya Leaves for fertility improvement, several studies have indicated how incredibly powerful these leaves are in boosting human reproductive health.

Nyanya Leaves for fertility

(Balsamina) is the most potential among the other 60 species of Momordica. Here are the known benefits of using Nyanya Leaves for fertility purposes;

1. Protects sperm against damages

[Momordica balsamina] Nyanya Leaves are rich in zinc mineral — which helps to protect the sperm cell from oxidative damage of free radicals and improves libido, sperm count, and testosterone levels in males.

2. Womb cleansing

Intake of Nyanya Leaves extract may help remove blood remains from the fallopian tube for women after childbirth, by this way, it paves way for future pregnancies. The presence of iron in the leaves of this plant may also help in proper blood formation and circulation. A study suggests that cooked leaves of this plant may help post-natal women replenish lost blood during childbirth.[1]

3. Prevents fatigue during lovemaking

Iron is abundant in the leaves extracts of this plant— Iron prevents fatigue and tiredness during heavy-duty work, boosts energy levels during intercourse, and helps in blood formation that carries oxygen to the brain and other paths of the body.
Women Hausa northern part of Nigeria women are advised to cook the leave of this nyanya and eat it to restore blood lost during childbirth.

4. Help in the treatment of urethral discharge

In traditional medicine folk, the root of the plant is used as an active ingredient in treating urethral discharge.

5. It May relieve menstrual pain

An unpopular study suggests that an aqueous leaf extract of nyanya leaves may also be able to reduce and relieve menstrual pain in females, It may also help induce milk production for nursing mothers. [2]

6. Fight reactive oxygen species

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are detrimental to our reproductive health since it contributes to premature aging, sexual drive, and the ability to reproduce diminishes with age. But by drinking nyanya leaf extract aging rate may slow down due to the active antioxidant compound that protects cells from the damage of oxidative stress. Research suggests the presence of a certain compound in this plant that may help the ovaries in egg generation. It can also help treat infectious diseases detrimental to fertility.[3]

7. Supplement Minerals Deficiency

The leaf extract supplements lack minerals in the body. It is rich in both micro and macro nutrients needed to maintain Active reproduction health. The leaves of this plant can equally be eaten as vegetables to supplement the deficiency of protein, and potassium in poor diets, and most poor people living in rural communities bank on this for a healthy diet. [4]

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Therapeutic Efficacy

The therapeutic efficacy of Momordica balsamina which many calls (Nyanya) arises from its powerful antioxidant effect due to the presence of vital compounds such as resins, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, steroids, terpenes, cardiac glycoside, saponins which play a crucial role in human general health.

Useful Part

Momordica Balsamina _ fresh leave, fruit, and seed

The most valuable part of this plant is the leaves, fruits, and seed.
A study indicates that the leaves, fruits, seeds, and bark of the plant possess potential medicinal values such as anti-HIV, anti-plasmodial, shigellocidal, anti-diarrheal, anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, hypoglycemic, antioxidant, analgesic and hepatoprotective properties.

Nyanya Leaves Nutritional value

Nyanya Leaves have very high nutritional value due to the presence of several compounds that are needed in the body such as amino acids —a bodybuilding compound, and important minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, zinc, manganese, and iron

Momordica balsamina (Nyanya) health benefits

Nyanya leaves are powerful with potential medicinal effects, here are other known health benefits of Momordica balsamina (Nyanya)

Lowers blood sugar

A study indicates the presence of polypeptide —an important compound in the fruit and seeds extracts of Nyanya that can reduce and as well balance blood sugar levels as demonstrated in rats. [5, 6]

Anti Cancer property

Nyanya is fortified with compounds that have antioxidants that strengthen body defense, hinder the growth of cancerous cells, and protect the heart from certain diseases.[7]

Aid in treating infectious diseases

this plant has a certain compound with antibacterial properties which may help against infectious diseases. it also has wound-healing properties, and may also help relieve certain stomach disorders caused by infections.[8]

Aid weight management

The fruit juice of M. balsamina shows a hypoglycemic effect in a study, indicating its ability to stimulate appetite, and improves the functions of the digestive system.

Momordica species

Momordica species

Momordica balsamina is one of the top 3 out of the 60 species of Momordica — an annual or perennial plant with vine-like nature from the plant family Cucurbitaceae

Top three species of Momordica

Momordica charantia is called —Bitter gourd or Bitter melon.
Momordica foetida Schumach called Bitter cucumber.
Momordica balsamina is called an African pumpkin.

Nyanya Leaves Side Effects

There may be side effects of Nyanya Leaves that are yet to be discovered, but, be careful when taking herbal medicine and stick to the stipulated dose. Seek a doctor’s advice on reactions to other drugs.


Zinc is a mineral found in abundance in Nyanya Leaves, which helps preserve sperm cells from free radicals and improves testosterone and libido levels in men. After delivery, the use of Nyanya Leaves extract may assist women in removing blood remnants from the fallopian tube. leaf extract can supplement needed micro- and macronutrients required to support healthy active reproduction

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