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[Dialium] Velvet Tamarind For Fertility, Emerging Benefits For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding mothers


Velvet Tamarind is scientifically called Dialium cochinchinense. It may be seen as a seasonal tasty fruit, yet only a few know about using Velvet Tamarind for fertility boosting.

Black or African velvet tamarind is indigenous to Ghana, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam, and many West African countries.

It is known by different tribal names. In Nigeria for instance, Igbo people call it Icheku or Abacheku, Hausa call it Tsamiyar km, while in your it’s called Awin.

Velvet Tamarind For Fertility


The tree is called Dialium Guineense, while the fruit has a tangy taste and possesses several therapeutic properties which have been proven effective in treating many ailments such as malaria, inflammation, menstrual difficulties, and several others detailed ss you go further.

Velvet Tamarind for fertility, impressive benefits, and impact on pregnancy is a major focus of this post.

Velvet Tamarind for fertility

The effectiveness of Velvet Tamarind for fertility improvement is attributed to its rich nutrient content such as Vitamin B1, and C, including other phytonutrients such as flavonoids which Help to improve sperm quality in males. Below are the fertility benefits of Velvet Tamarind.

1. Relieves menstrual pain

Menstruation is an essential activity that shows a woman is fertile or can get pregnant. At times, most women experience pain during menstruation or menstrual cramp. The experience brings a lot of discomfort for women during the period and may seek pain relief drugs.

By drinking the herbal water extract of the stem bark which has a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, it may help relieve menstrual pain, and there won’t be a need to look for pain-relieving drugs.

2. Improves sperm quality

A study reveals that Velvet tamarind fruit extract contains about 33.78% flavonoid a powerful antioxidant with metal-chelating properties that can neutralize the damaging effects of metals on sperm quality.

Vitamin C is equally found in Velvet tamarind fruit, which helps in boosting immunity and fights antigens detrimental to sperm health.

3. Boost Energy For Sexual Activity

About 0.84% of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is found in velvet tamarind fruit, and a study reveals that thiamine is an energy booster that converts carbohydrates to glucose which fuels the body for various activities. Vitamin B1 may also aid protein and fat metabolism.

Vitamin B1 found in velvet tamarind fruit may also improve fertility, although not directly but several studies have linked it to fetal loss (miscarriage).

Velvet Tamarind Benefits For Pregnant Women

Licking the fruit as a snack during pregnancy may lower the risk of miscarriages.
The anti-abortifacient property of Velvet Tamarind is attributed to its thiamine content, which may also help conception by improving female egg quality.

The fruits equally have Vitamin C which fights against free radicals that may affect fertility and cause cellular damage.

Velvet Tamarind for Nursing Mother

Improves lactation for nursing mothers, Velvet Tamarind contains nutrients that may boost breast milk production for nursing mothers.

Sometimes breastfeeding mothers find it difficult to produce enough breast milk needed to feed their babies, However, licking velvet tamarind fruit may help resolve the problem due to the breastmilk secretion property of the fruit pulp.

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