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3 Emerging fertility benefits of Costus Afer (Okpete), Uses For Skin

fertility benefits of Costus Afer

The root and leaves extract are loaded with antioxidants that may lower oxidative stress’s harmful effects on the sperm cell and it is counted as one of the fertility benefits of costus afer. This and many other interesting facts about Okpete shall be unveiled as you go deeper.

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In Igbo land this plant is found largely, it’s known as Okpete while the English name is Costus afer

Fertility Benefits Of Costus Afer (Okpete)

Costus Afer both root and leave extract has been proven beneficial in improving both male and female fertility.

In herbal medicine which is also an acceptable alternative to modern medicines, the therapeutic effect of the roots and leaves of Okpete has been proven useful in making herbal medicines for the treatment of infertility. Here are the fertility benefits of Costus afer.

1. Improves the functions of male gonads

Antioxidants in Costus Afer (Okpete) leave extract may improve the function of the testis and protect it from the damages caused by lead-induced oxidative stress study indicates.

The testis is a very important organ for reproduction, It ensures the production of testosterone for generating sperm.

The accumulation of lead in the testis has been proven to affect the generation of sperm (spermatogenesis), and this can cause infertility in males.

How we get lead into the human body.

Lead acetate can enter our body through several means such as
exposing ourselves to pollution from the soil, air, water, and other industrial pollutants like heavy chemicals from laboratories.

2. Protects sperm cells from oxidative damages

Okpete leaf extracts are loaded with antioxidants that may lower the impact of oxidative stress and protect the sperm cell from its damaging effects.

Lead acetate, one of the chemicals in our body is one of the major inducers of oxidative stress. Its negative impacts are numerous such as male reproductive toxicity which can cause infertility, premature aging, weak immunity, etc.

3. May increase women’s chances of getting pregnant

Okpete extract is used in making fertility tea which may help treat infertility and improve women’s chances of getting pregnant.

According to a study, the root extract of Costus after being combined with other fertility plants like safflower, the bighead atractylodes rhizome, South Sea agalloch eaglewood, red date, the root of herbaceous peony, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry can be used in making herbal tea that can help regulate menstruation and relieve infertility symptoms in females.

(Okpete) Costus afer benefits for skin

The root Costus after contains micronutrients that may help in eliminating skin diseases such as ringworm

Although more scientific evidence is needed to determine the effectiveness of Costus roots in treating skill conditions, certain studies claim that its root extract may help in treating skin infections such as worm (nematode) infections by reducing their egg fertilization.

Also, research shows that fragrance from oil extracts of Costus Afer is used in making skin care products. For example, “R.K’s Aroma Costus Oil” for skin and hair treatment is produced from the root extract of the root of Costus Afer (Okpete).

Oil extract of Costus root is rumored to be a wonderful remedy for preventing premature aging skin, sagging skin, fine wrinkles, and age spots, also make skin glow, due to its vitamin E content. But this is only a claim, it lacks solid evidence.


Okpete root and leaves extract have been proven beneficial in improving male and female fertility. It’s loaded with antioxidants that may lower the impact of oxidative stress on the sperm cell, and prevent the negative impacts of lead acetate on the testis.

Fertility-improving tea can also be made by combining its extract with other herbal plants. While the oil extract of Costus root is rumored to be a wonderful medication for certain skin diseases.

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