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[Negro Pepper] Uda For Fertility & Pregnancy Emerging Benefits & Side Effects

uda for fertility

Are you trying to get pregnant? and do you think that using (Negro Pepper) Uda For Fertility is safe? Well, there are facts you need to know about uda.

This post will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions on (Negro pepper) Uda and fertility, its effects on male and female fertility, the downside of consuming Uda during pregnancy, and its impressive benefits to nursing mothers.

Therapeutic Properties Of Uda

As one of the most aromatic spices people love to add when preparing Nsala soup, it possesses several medicinal properties that have been proven effective against ailments such as Bronchitis, Gingivitis, Infections, Infertility, Stomach Aches, etc.

Uda And Female Fertility

Xylopia Aethiopica, popularly known as Uda is a powerful African medicinal spice proven to be effective in treating fertility-related problems in females, using Uda for fertility purposes has the following benefits.

Cleanses the womb

Uda has long been known for its cleansing property, in African traditional medicine, the pod is extracted, dried, and added to a watery soup given to women who newly delivered babies for cleansing, healing, and boosting of their immune system.

It can also be added to pepper soup, and yam porridge, or cook the dried pod to extract its herbal water.

This herbal water is believed to help flush out blood remains from the women’s focus after giving birth. Hence, the cleansing properties of Uda pod extract can improve women’s fertility, and pave way for subsequent pregnancies.

Uda and Ovulation

Can Uda boost ovulation? Uda herbal water extract may boost ovulation and increase future chances of getting pregnant when applied rightly. You must understand that the herbal water extract from uda is capable of removing blood remains from the womb after childbirth.

It can also help improve menstrual flow, and boost ovulation, relieve painful menstruation if taken moderately. This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful against pain.

Although, Uda is helpful in this area but can also cause heavy bleeding during menstruation if taken excessively.


Avoid drinking excess raw Uda water extract, rather add it to food to dilute its concentration.

Always consult medical experts before taking any herbal medicine, Doctor can help check if your current body conditions can take such herbal remedies.


cleansing properties of Uda pod extract can improve women’s fertility, by removing (flushing out) blood remains and toxins from the womb that may prevent future pregnancy, if taken moderately.

Uda and male fertility

Uda may not be good for men due to its degenerative effect on male sperm, despite being able to improve fertility for females.
Further studies support the anti-fertility effect of Uda on male fertility, emphasizing a significant decrease in sperm parameters such as sperm count, motility, and morphology. Another related Study noted that this negative impact was dosage dependent, meaning that the higher the doses, the higher the percentage decrease in sperm parameters.

Fruits (pod without the seed) extracts of Uda may lower spermatogenesis, sperm counts, testosterone when the excessive dose is taken, and luteinizing hormone levels as well as the weight of the male gonad, a study reports. You can lower the dose to avoid these side effects. Does that mean we can use Uda for fertility boosting?
Well, it depends, on females, it can help them with ovulation and is equal to necessary fertility.

Uda and pregnancy

Are you wondering if eating Uda is safe during pregnancy? in short answer No! It is not safe because it can flush the womb hence affecting the baby, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Although, the fruits act as a powerful tonic to improve fertility in women unsafe during pregnancy and should be avoided.

Uda and breastfeeding mothers

Uda helps women who newly delivered
baby heal up faster and stronger for more pregnancies and are also helpful for breastfeeding mothers, hence they can bank on its breast milk-inducing property and boost the milk production for their babies.

Uda Fruits (Pod, Seed) benefits

Uda fruit both the pod and the seed have powerful medicinal properties and have proven their potency in traditional medicines. Here are the impressive health benefits of Uda seed and pod.

Fight infectious diseases

Looks like using uda for fertility is not the benefit. Uda extracts are loaded with powerful antioxidants, that help strengthens the immune system. These antioxidants such as oxalate, phytate, saponins, and tannins, also help in fighting disease. Although, some have anti-nutrient properties.

Relieves pain

Uda has powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving pain due to the presence of diterpene, and xylopic acid in the fruit extract.

Uda has proven its effectiveness against pain-related problems. The fruits are used in making decoction for treating bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, headache, neuralgia, and colic.

2012 study to determine the analgesic property of Uda against acetic acid-induced abdominal writhing on the murine model, the results show notable analgesic activity in all the pain models.

Another study affirms that Uda
on fruit, extracts show significant suppression of joint-related inflammation and arthritis that was induced in Sprague-Dawley rats by injecting a complete Freund’s adjuvant into the right hind paw.

May help in treating glaucoma

Uda seed extract may improve one’s vision. According to the result of a study on visually active volunteers, it shows that the aqueous extract of Uda seed although was neither miotic nor a mydriatic, lowered the intraocular pressure (17.48%), reduced the near point of convergence (31.1%) and increased the amplitude of accommodation (8.98%) which are positively correlated.

Uda Seeds Side Effects

  • Impairs the function of the male gonads, and lower sperm parameters.
  • May trigger abortion if excessively eaten during the first trimester (3 months into pregnancy).

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