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3 Possible ways to improve fertility in menopause —Dr. John Mccrossen

possible ways to improve fertility in menopause


Fertility for Women In Menopause

Looking for ways to improve fertility in menopause? Here is Doctor John McCrossen’s advice on practices to stay healthy and have fertility even at 40.

At 40, the body system of most women undergoes a lot of changes during this time of their life, especially unmarried women. This article focuses on Doctor John McCrossen’s review of noticeable health problems women in 40 may experience, and important health practices to stay healthy in Menopause

Menopause and Pregnancy

Menopausal pregnancy may seem impossible and sometimes, many women fear for their life considering some risk factors associated.
It is still possible for women to get pregnant at 40 if they take the necessary steps to keep themselves healthy and fertile.
To Married women, this may not be the case for them, but if you are in your 40s and still unmarried, this period will bring many changes in health.

Infertility Signs For Women In Menopause

  • The rate of metabolism in women reduces
  • Estrogen may start to diminish
  • Rate of transition to menopause increases.
  • Irregular menstrual flow (ie it may be longer or shorter).
Dr. John McCrossen went further highlighting some important health tips women at 40 should practice to main a healthy life.

Ways to  Improve Fertility In Menopause

Here is Dr. John McCrossen’s action guide to you remain fertile in menopause.

1. Regular medical tests to check for cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.

Here Dr. McCrossen advises that women  40 should go for a Pelvic examination. Some doctors suggest a pap smear.

 Pap Smear

Dictionary of Cancer Terms defines a pap smear as a medical test performed on a human cell sample from the cervix to check for anomalies that may suggest the presence of cervical cancer.

2. Seek Doctor’s Opinions 

Perimenopause will set in in your 40s, so it’s wise to seek expert advice by talking to your doctor about it.  The doctor will guide you when you begin to experience a rise and fall in estrogen level which may lead to an irregular mensuration circle.
Other symptoms that come during this period may include moodiness, sleeplessness, genitalia dryness, and others which you may need help from your doctor on how to manage.

3. Go for a mammogram Annually

According to recommendations given by the American Cancer Society (ACS), mammograms and medical exercises should begin at 40. Following this recommendation, breast cancer also can be discovered on time. Develop and also maintain a healthy lifestyle through these practices.

Ways to remain healthy in Menopause

Here are some medical exercises for the team in healthy in menopause.

  1. Eating balanced diets.
  2. Regular physical exercise.
  3. Practice self-care activities
  4. Take a Flu injection yearly.
[Women In 40s] Best Practices To Improve Fertility In Menopause —Dr. John Mccrossen

Dr. John McCrossen

Dr. John McCrossen is an American Obstetrics & Gynecologist. His area of specialty is Robotics. And equally gives treatment for abnormal bleeding and fibroids.

 FAQs for menopausal women

How Does Women’s Body Change In their 40s?

  • Most women in their 40s may encounter irregularities in the flow of their mental circle which may lead to heavy bleeding and cramping, It may also lengthen or shorten the duration.
  • Perimenopause will increase just like a repeat of what happens in puberty —Doctor John McCrossen.

Do Hormones Change in their 40s?

Yes, due to these hormonal changes, your body system changes as well. You start to discover that some of your clothes may not be sizeable with your body, even though it is not noticeable earlier with time they will be more visible. You May Also, start to feel more irritated and notice that you’re frequently fatigued, and moody.

What should a woman do in her 40s?

Doctor John McCrossen, Outlined essential ways to stay healthy during this period, which include, having regular meals which is a balanced diet.

  • Don’t skip morning meals, according to Nutritionists’ recommendations taking your morning food is necessary to keep your weight in check, and burn calories in digestion.
  •  Engage in stress management activities.
  •  Increase your mineral and vitamin intake, especially vitamin D and Calcium. This will help strengthen your bone and blood formation.


At What Age Do Women Face Change The Most?

Most women experience facial changes between the age of 40 and 50, some may start having these facial changes in their mid-30s.

Can you get shape at 40?

Re-shaping your body requires commitment and effort, not age, hence it’s not too late to get in shape at 40. But, to achieve this, you can engage in body fitness exercises.

Is 40 too old for having a baby?

No, But you stand a high chance of having ailments that may affect your chance of getting pregnant.


These health tips and habits outlined are very essential and can be helpful for the general well-being of women in their 40s

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