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How to use nutmeg for fertility: Benefits & Side effects

Nutmeg for fertilityThe use of nutmeg for fertility can be traced back to ancient times. It is a spice with fertility-boosting properties, good for women due to its hormone-regulating property. Helpful for men due to its ability to improve blood circulation, which is helpful in ovulation and conception.

How to use nutmeg for fertility

1. Eat nutmeg: Nutmeg can be added to food or drinks. Add it to smoothies, hot cereals, and even desserts. It has a sweet, nutty flavor and aroma.

2. Take nutmeg supplement: Nutmeg supplements are available in many health food stores or online.

3. Drink Nutmeg tea: Boil 1 teaspoon of nutmeg in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain the liquid and drink it as tea.

4. Use it for Aromatherapy: Mix 1 teaspoon of freshly ground nutmeg with enough olive oil to make a paste. Apply the paste to the lower abdomen, lower back, and inner thighs. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse it off.

5. Talk to your doctor: Before using nutmeg to improve fertility, let your doctor know and also check if it’s safe for you.

Nutmeg fertility benefits for female

Using nutmeg for fertility is a very old practice. It has been traditionally used to boost fertility, can help regulate the menstrual cycle and improve the chances of conception. It may also help increase progesterone levels, which are important for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Interestingly, nutmeg has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may help lower inflammation, fight oxidative stress, and balance hormones, which can help improve fertility.

Stress is a strong factor that affects fertility, and may contribute to hormonal imbalance. Nutmeg on the other hand is said to help boost mood, and relieve stress, and anxiety, which can be beneficial for women trying to conceive. Furthermore, nutmeg possesses anti-inflammatory properties, and can help reduce inflammation in the reproductive organs, and doing so can help improve fertility.

Nutmeg fertility benefits for men

An animal study shows that nutmeg can boost sexual urges, and is popularly adopted for its aphrodisiac properties.
Intake of nutmeg tea and when spices are added to food or smoothies may help improve sperm quality.

Another related study also shows that regular intake of nutmeg may boost sexual performance

It can also help increase testosterone levels, boost sperm count, enhance sperm motility, and reduce oxidative stress on the sperm cells due to its antioxidant properties.

Nutmeg is a rich source of antioxidants, compounds such as phenylpropanoids and terpenes, and phenolic compounds, including protocatechuic, ferulic, and caffeic acids are components of nutmeg essential oil which can help improve our reproductive health. k3

Nutmeg may also help improve blood circulation, which can help improve reproductive health.

Benefits of eating nutmeg in pregnancy

Nutmeg herbal water extract can be used to ease late-term labor in pregnant women. It can cause uterine contractions, so it could potentially induce labor for pregnant women experiencing prolonged labor.
Aside from that, it is highly recommended that pregnant women should avoid nutmeg, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.

Nutmeg side effect

Toxicity: Myristicin found in nutmeg possesses powerful psychoactive properties, and myristicin can be toxic to the body system if an overdose is taken.

May affect male fertility: There is no scientific evidence to suggest that nutmeg has any effect on male fertility. Some research has suggested that it may even have positive effects on fertility. Nevertheless, more research is needed to confirm these findings.

May cause premature delivery: Eating nutmeg in pregnancy is not safe because, nutmeg can cause uterine contractions, which so could potentially induce labor before pregnant women are due for delivery. In the worst case, it could trigger abortion.

Allergic reaction: It can also cause an allergic reaction in some people, and its use is not advised in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is best to avoid using nutmeg.


Nutmeg is a wonderful kitchen spice with several health benefits. Due to its warming, nutty flavor, which gives great taste when used in making a variety of cuisines, it is used often in both savory and sweet recipes.

Aside from its kitchen usefulness, Nutmeg can be used to make tea or smoothies. It can also be processed to extract its nutrients-filled essential oil.

Nutmeg has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants property, making a potentially helpful for health. While its antioxidants property can help lower the impact of oxidative stress, its anti-inflammatory properties can help lower pain and these can effectively improve fertility in both men and women.

It may help with blood sugar control, boost heart health, and improve mood.

Despite these undeniable benefits of nutmeg, it can also cause health concerns if taken excessively.

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