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3 Impressive fertility benefits of waterleaf & side effects on pregnancy 

Fertility benefits of waterleaf

The fertility benefits of Waterleaf are numerous, it is a vegetable enriched with vitamin A that promotes healthy vision, and is among the most beneficial and nourishing vegetables within and outside Nigeria. As a natural plant that thrives year-round wherever it is typically underappreciated and underrated yet beneficial as food and herbal medicine.

Fertility benefits of waterleaf for men sexually

Here are 3 impressive sexual benefits of waterleaf for men 

1. Promote healthy sperm

Waterleaf contains essential minerals like zinc and Iron which enhance the production of healthy sperm and improve blood circulation.

An iron mineral found in Waterleaf enhances blood formation and flow toward the penis resulting in a stronger erection.

3. It can improve male sex drive

Magnesium and vitamins A found in Waterleaf according ta o study can help boost libido and also improve female ovulation in a woman




Botanical name

Name Talinum triangulare.
Family: Portulacaceae
Kingdom: Plantae

Common name

Yoruba name — “Gbure”.
Igbo name —”Mgbolodi”.
Edo name— “Ebe London”.
English name — Waterleaf.

Vitamins and Minerals

Waterleaf is enriched with essential nutrients such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin.

Phytochemicals in Waterleaf

A study to determine the bioactive phytochemicals in Waterleaf using gas chromatography coupled with pulse and flame ionization shows that Talinum triangulare (Waterleaf) contains carotenoids; moderate benzoic acid derivatives, hydroxycinnamic-
mates and flavonoids; terpenes, alkaloids, phytosterols, allicins, glycosides, saponins, and lignans.[1,2]

  • Carotenoids (carotene —50.42% and
    lycopene —33.30%)

  • Benzoic acid ( ferulic acid—84.63% acid and vanillic acid— 11.92% )

  • Hydroxycinnamates (p-coumaric acid—55.44% and caffeic acid—44.46%)

  • Lignans (88.02% return)

  • Flavonoids ( Quercetin— 50.35%
    and kaempferol—39.36% )


Waterleaf can be eaten as a vegetable when used to prepare food —Soup, sauce. It can also be extracted and gobbled as juice or as a dry herb for making medication.

Health benefits of Waterleaf

  1. It can help controls blood pressure. 

Antioxidants and fibers in Waterleaf control the body’s blood sugar levels. This aids with diabetic management. Additionally, it aids in the body’s conversion of starchy meals to simple sugars during digestion.

  1. It can help fight anemia.

The inability of the body to produce enough blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body is known as anemia. Waterleaf is a medicinal plant that increases and lengthens blood cell life so that it may be used more efficiently by the body.

  1. It shields the brain’s tissues. 

According to research, waterleaf includes nutrients that improve brain function. It protects brain tissue to ensure correct operation.

  1. It promotes weight loss.

Due to its high fiber content, it fills the stomach, which reduces cravings that can cause unhealthful weight gain. If you want to lose more body fat, you should include it in your regular food planning.

  1. It guards against heart disease. 

You must routinely consume waterleaf to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. By giving your heart the oxygen and blood it requires, it maintains its health. By lowering blood cholesterol levels, waterleaf protects you against heart disease and strokes that might harm your health.

  1. It supports a healthy vision. 

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are found in waterleaf. These vitamins support healthy eyesight and ocular function. It shields the retina from injury or deterioration. This implies that healthy eyes arise from eating enough waterleaf as a vegetable or drinking its juice.

  1. It promotes healthy digestion. 

Waterleaf is one of the most crucial vegetables that correctly accomplish this function among those vegetables that help with normal digestion of meals. It is ideal for the body, particularly when eaten with the ingested, it eases constipation and aids in softening the stool. Take this either as a vegetable soup or a juice if you have trouble passing out stool.

Benefits of Waterleaf on pregnancy

It can help Improve blood formation and transportation —Waterleaf is enriched with Iron minerals that help in the formation of red blood cells needed to fight anemia and improve blood circulation, it is beneficial to pregnant women and should form part of their daily diet as the vegetable added to their soup. However, they should stay away from drinking Waterleaf juice due to the presence of certain phytochemicals compounds like oxalate which may prevent the absorption of calcium minerals by binding with them.

Waterleaf juice side effects

  • Waterleaf juice may lower nutrient absorption

Waterleaf is a rich source of oxalate or oxalic acid a compound capable of binding with calcium minerals, when this happens calcium absorption is reduced.

  • May cause health disorder

Oxalate found in Waterleaf when consumed excessively may result in the formation of kidney stones. Additionally, oxalic acid may cause stone formation in the urinary tract when the acid is excreted in the urine. [3]

  • May increase oxidative stress

A Study suggests that having a high amount of oxalate in the body system may result in to increase in the level of body oxidative stress, and can worsen inflammatory conditions. [4]

Remedy for side effects

Most vegetables we consume contain phytochemicals that may be detrimental to our body system when in excess, and these phytochemicals are in higher concentrations in their raw form. Therefore, to reduce the side effects of Waterleaf half-heat the juice before drinking, or stay away from drinking fresh and raw Waterleaf juice which has a higher concentration of phytochemical compounds like oxalate than cooked Waterleaf.

Take Away

One of the most beneficial and nourishing vegetables in Nigeria is waterleaf. The Yoruba people refer to it as “Gbure,” and it is also known as “Mgbolodi” in Igbo and “Ebe London” in Edo. Water, vitamins, fats, and fiber, phytochemicals are all present and are very good for the body. You may consume it as a vegetable, dry herb, or juice but it is not recommended to drink the juice more often because it may increase the concentration of phytochemicals in it.


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