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Aloe Vera juice for Fertility: A friend Or foe? What Studies Say

Ayurvedic experts believe that oral intake of Aloe Vera juice may help restore and strengthen a woman’s reproductive system, treat gynecological imbalance, and as well as boost metabolism.

However, if you are looking for juice best for improving fertility, then try fresh peach juice, fresh tomato tonic (smoothies), or pomegranate juice. Tomatoes are high in lycopene, an antioxidant that may improve reproductive function in both males and females.

A 2021 study found that oral intake of aloe vera juice is capable of preventing testicular toxicity, improving sperm quality by scavenging the ROS, and enhancing the antioxidant ability of the testis [1]. A 2019 study suggests it is an effective treatment for metabolic syndrome [2].

However, there are studies with mixed opinions on the impact of oral intake of aloe vera juice on fertility. Some believed it to be one of the best contraceptives for couples who are not ready for childbearing, as it was found to temporarily block ovulation.

Aloe Vera for Fertility — What Studies Say

Aloe Vera for fertility
Aloe Vera gel

Protects against toxins and improves testicular functions

According to a 2021 study on male rat model oral intake of aloe vera gel was found to prevent testicular toxicity in rats and also increase their body’s antioxidant activities [1].

Another related study was conducted on male rats exposed to Bisphenol A — an industrial chemical substance capable of reducing reproductive potential in humans by impairing their testicular functions and increasing free radicals activities.

This experiment lasted for 56 days with 50 adult male Wistar rats. The result showed that the group of rats fed aloe vera gel was able to overcome the damaging effects of Bisphenol A on their reproductive system of rats, their testes were also protected against Bisphenol A-induced toxicity and oxidative stress [3].

Oral intake of aloe vera gel may protect against toxicity caused by exposure to drugs, chemicals, or heavy metals. However, supporting studies were conducted on animals (rats), and it requires study on humans for more validation

Can Increase body antioxidant activities

The antioxidant potential of aloe vera has been reported by several researchers in their various studies. Having been justified as a potent antioxidant agent, aloe vera is capable of increasing antioxidant activities, scavenging free radicals, and reducing their impact on our body [4].

Supporting the above claim is a study on streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats. After oral intake of Aloe vera gel extract, a significant decrease in blood sugar levels was recorded. They also had their level of lipid peroxidation and hydroperoxides in tissues of diabetic rats reverted to near normal levels after the treatment with gel extract [5, 6].

May protect against toxins

The protective effects of aloe vera on superovulated oocytes and folliculogenesis in diabetic mice have been studied using 25 female diabetic mice. The mice were divided into five groups: a control group, an aloe vera-treated group, an insulin-treated group, an aloe vera-treated diabetic group, and a diabetic group.

The group treated with Aloe Vera had their ovary and oocyte protected from toxins caused by exposure to streptozotocin injection [7].

This further shows that Aloe vera may help protect the ovaries and eggs of diabetic women. However, this study was on mice, more studies on human is needed to see if it has the same action

May help prevent and manage PCOS

Aloe vera gel may help prevent and manage polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a common hormone disorder that affects women and can cause irregular periods, excess androgen, and insulin resistance.

According to a study that investigated the potential of aloe vera gel managing PCOS in rats. Female rat models with PCOS were given aloe vera gel for 45 days [8].

The gel helped to restore their regular cycles, improve their glucose sensitivity, and regulate their hormones.
It also prevented the development of PCOS in rats that were given a drug to induce the condition. This suggests that aloe vera gel may be a helpful treatment for PCOS.

Also, several scientific research and experimental studies conducted on animals mostly rat models have shown Aloe vera gel effective in the prevention and treatment of PCOS [9, 10, 11].

Is Aloe vera a fertility foe?

Some studies say aloe vera gel may reduce the chances of conception by prolonging the estrus cycle as demonstrated in tested female rats. Here is what some of the studies say

May be an effective birth control remedy

Contrary to the results from the studies above, A study suggests aloe vera gel may be a potential contraceptive agent, a promising natural remedy for birth control with no harmful effects on the kidneys and liver.

Aloe vera extract may have potential as a contraceptive, but more research is needed.

According to the researchers who studied the effects of aloe vera extract on female rats, those given aloe vera extract had longer estrus cycles and higher estrogen levels than rats not given the extract [12].

Also, the extract did not appear to have harmful effects on the liver or kidneys of the rats.

Another study on female albino rats also suggests that aloe vera gel may be used as an effective non-toxic contraceptive remedy [13].

May impair spermatogenesis

Just like its ability to protect the testis from toxins caused by exposure to heavy metals, drugs, or chemicals, aloe vera gel was also found to slow down spermatogenesis if taken orally [14].

The study revealed that the gel from aloe vera can induce nitric oxide synthase which can bring about germ cell apoptosis [15].

Some studies also found that oral intake of Aloe vera gel extract could reduce serum levels of testosterone as reported in an experiment with healthy mice [16]. Another suggested study says it reduces sperm DND integrity [17].

Aloe Vera a Fertility friend Or foe?

Aloe vera gel has both positive and negative effects on fertility.

On the one hand, it has been shown to protect against toxins and improve testicular function, increase body antioxidant activities, and may help prevent and manage PCOS.

On the other hand, it has also been shown to reduce the chances of conception by prolonging the estrus cycle, impairing spermatogenesis, and reducing serum levels of testosterone.


Based on the above evidence, aloe vera gel appears to have both positive and negative effects on fertility.

Positive effects:

  1. Protects against toxins and improves testicular functions
  2. Increases body antioxidant activities
  3. May protect against toxins
  4. May help prevent and manage PCOS

Negative effects:

  1. May reduce the chances of conception by prolonging the estrus cycle
  2. May impair spermatogenesis
  3. May reduce serum levels of testosterone

The evidence on the effects of aloe vera gel on fertility is inconclusive. More research is needed to determine whether aloe vera gel is safe and effective for improving fertility.

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