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7 Impressive benefits of soursop leaf tea with clove

The benefits of soursop leaf tea with clove extract are numerous, the extracts of both plants are well known for their contributions to our wellness. They are richly loaded with several nutrients, including health-improving phytochemical compounds that play important roles in our bodies.

Cloves are known for their infection-fighting properties while soursop leaves are found to inhibit the growth of certain types of Cancer. Today, let’s explore the benefits of soursop leaf tea with clove, and how to make one, including the possible side effects.

soursop leaf tea with clove
soursop leaf tea with clove

Benefits of soursop leave with clove

You might be wondering if there are benefits of drinking boiled soursop leave. Indeed they are numerous, and we shall be combining soursop leaf with clove, because of the rich medicinal value of both plants.
Here are some impressive benefits of drinking boiled soursop leaf tea with clove below.

1. Inhibit the growth of cancer

Compounds like acetogenins found in soursop leaf extract have shown inhibitory effects against a certain type of cancer.

A related study suggests that soursop leaf extract may be used as a potential anticancer agent. This anti-cancer property [1] is rooted in its acetogenin content, which has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells [2].

2. Fights infections.

The presence of clove extract in soursop leave tea may boost help boost our body’s immune system to fight infections and diseases.

A publication on the pharmaceutical composition of clove reveals the presence of Eugenol in clove extract. According to research, Eugenol is an essential oil in clove that have both antioxidants and antifungal properties [3].

This makes clove effective against certain pathogenic fungi such as Fusarium moniliforme, Helminthosporium oryzae, and Rhizoctonia solani.

While clove extract has shown its efficacy against certain pathogens, soursop leaf extract can also scavenge free radicals which makes us susceptible to infection and disease.

Similarly, according to research soursop leaf extract have sufficient anti-microbial and fungicidal properties [4] proven effective in fighting against infection and diseases detrimental to our health. Whereas another study suggests it may help against parasites due to its anthelmintic potential [5].

Therefore, the tea combination of soursop leaves with clove extract not only strengthens our immune system but can also help to curb oxidative stress, and the activities of certain pathogens [6].

3. Treats gouty arthritis.

Gout also called gouty arthritis, is a form of arthritis characterized by acute pain and inflammation in the joint, which manifests when uric acid crystals are deposited in the joints.

Intake of soursop leaf tea with clove extract may in treating gouty arthritis due to their anti-inflammatory property that is effective against arthritis pain.

A study on the efficacy of the decoction made from soursop leaf extract against uric acid levels shows that the extract can potentially slow down the sedimentation process of uric acid which prevent gout [7].

Therefore, intake of this tea not only prevents gout but fights inflammation [8] in various organs in the body, this improves our body flexibility and well-being.

4. Reduces Blood Sugar level

Yes, drinking soursop leaf tea with clove may reduce blood sugar levels.
Soursop leaves contain compounds that may help to regulate blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity [9], making it potentially beneficial for people with diabetes.

A related study on the antidiabetic potential of soursop leaf extract, show that extract of soursop leaves contain Tannin and Flavonoids, the two important phytochemical compound that can stimulate the pancreas to secret insulin [10].

This is achieved by hydrolyzing Tanins into gallotanin and ellagitanin, and together with the quercetin aspects flavonoids. These compound stimulates insulin secretion, inhibits α-glucosidase enzyme, and as well facilitates the repair of damage to β cells pancreas responsible for regulating insulin.

5. Improves function of reproductive organs

Intake of soursop leaf tea with clove may improve fertility and the function of the reproductive organs.

The essential oil in clove is known for its efficacy in fighting infectious diseases. It’s equally believed that clove herbal water may help cleanse the fallopian tube and boosts their chances of conception.

Whereas Soursop leave extract on the other hand may lower the impact of oxidative stress. A review [11] on this, shows that soursop leave contains vitamin C which boosts the formation of antioxidants, including flavonoids and phenolic acid which lessen the impact of oxidative stress on our reproductive organs [12].

6. Facilitate wound healing

Both clove and soursop leaf extract contain vitamin K which helps in speeding up blood clotting.

The traditional use of soursop leaves extract has long been established, it’s proven effective in treating wound injury.

A recent study on the wound healing properties of soursop leave extract, conducted on rats shows that it can hasten the wound healing process. This is achieved by speeding up epithelialization (a process of covering a denuded epithelial surface) and collagen synthesis [13].

Therefore, the intake of soursop leaf tea with clove combined may speed up the healing of wound injuries.

7. Lowers blood pressure

Another striking benefit of soursop leaf tea with clove is its antihypertensive potential. According to a study [14], Alkaloids in soursop leave extract work as Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors which reduce the secretion of ADH hormones.

Intake of soursop leaf tea with clove may be helpful to hypertensive patients. However, it is important to speak medical expert before drinking this tea is have hypertension.

How to make this Soursop leaf tea with clove


  • 3 to 4 young soursop leaves (ones with a lighter shade of green).
  • 2 to 3 pieces of cloves.
  • 1 and 1/2 cups of water.

Cooking instructions

  • Pour 1 and 1/2 cups of water inside your teapot, and add heat to boil.
  • Cut the leaves into pieces and pour them inside your teacup.
  • Cut the cloves into pieces and pour them into the same tea cup.
  • Pour the boiling water inside the cup where you have to pour your clove and soursop leaves.
  • Allow up to 30 minutes for it to steep and filters out the particles.
  • Add little honey to taste if you want, or else drink your tea warm or cold.


The intake of soursop leaf tea with clove may offer tremendous benefits to health such as lowering blood pressure, wound healing, fighting infection, connecting oxidative stress, etc. However, it should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Be advised to seek a doctor’s opinion, before embarking on drinking this tea combination for any ailment.

Also, studies and references in this post are mostly based on animals, hence more in-depth study centered on humans is needed to know the full potential of this tea.

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