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5 Emerging fertility Benefits of Uziza seeds and Leave

fertility benefits of Uziza seeds

The fertility benefits of Uziza seeds and leaves are really impressive. Many people who eat the leaves may not be aware of the fertility impact of the seeds and hence discard them.

Uziza seeds and leaves are rich in fertility-boosting compounds that may help to improve fertility in males and females.

I will share with you the impressive fertility benefits of Uziza leaves especially the seeds which are more potent and can be combined with other plants like Utazi, clove, and bitter leaf to enhance fertility.

Uziza otherwise known as Piper guineense is indigenous to West African people and can be found in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Guinea, and many others.

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This wonderful plant has many names such as Piper guineense which is its scientific name. Different counties and tribes call it many different names such as Ashanti pepper, Uziza, Soro Wisa, Kale, Masoro eshasha, etc.

Fertility Benefits of Uziza seeds and Leave

Many claims and studies have their opinions on the fertility benefits of Uziza seeds and leaves as detailed below.

1. Helpful in curbing erectile dysfunction.

The seeds of Uziza contain powerful Aphrodisiac compounds which can potentially stimulate the male parasympathetic nervous system, provoking vasodilation and erection.

Also, there are claims in traditional medicine that the Uziza seeds when added to herbs live cloves can be used to treat sexual weaknesses in males.

2. Can boost sexual urge

Due to the aphrodisiac properties of Uziza seeds, their intake may boost sexual interest. Although this claim lacks significant research or clinical trials backing it, in the history of traditional medicine practices, the use of Uziza seeds as sexual stimulants, and also for treating sexual debility is quite popular.

3. Intake of Uziza leaves can boost stamina

The intake of Uziza leaves which can be added as vegetables for soup and other delicacies may boost one’s energy level. There are also claims that the fresh raw seeds of Uziza similar effect when consumed.

Sexual activity requires a lot of strength and many men fail in this area, resulting in problems that may push them to use drugs. An experimental study in 2017 to determine the impact of Uziza leaves on rats indicated an increase in the agility of the rats when fed with Uziza leaves.

4. Intake of the Uziza seeds may improve blood flow for a stronger erection.

The seeds of Uziza otherwise known as Piper guineense seeds may help eliminate bad cholesterol and improve circulation. According to a study, the Piper guineense seeds (Uziza) may lower the impact of bad cholesterol (LDL-c and Triglyceride) due to their hypolipidemic properties as indicated in an experiment on hypercholesterolemia Rats.

These lab Rats were fed high doses of cholesterol orally, 5x each week for 4 weeks which showed a significant increase in their AST and LPO.

5. Have Antioxidants that may lower oxidative damage

Studies indicate that Uziza extracts are rich in antioxidants that may protect the sperm cell against the impact of lipid peroxidation— the process that allows oxidants such as free radicals to attack body lipids, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The negative effects of free radicals in the body can be worrisome but with the help of antioxidants, their impacts can be curbed.

Uziza seed’s side effects

Despite the numerous fertility benefits of Uziza seeds, it is unsafe to completely rule out the possible downside of their consumption. here are a few notable downsides of Uziza seeds intake.

Excessive intake may be toxic.

An overdose of Uziza seeds may be toxic and can impair renal function. Too much of everything is bad, although intake of Uziza seeds moderately is quite beneficial to fertility, excessive intake may be toxic to the body system, whereas if taken moderately have no side effects according to a study. Therefore, avoid overdose to reduce the downside.

Final Word
Strong aphrodisiac chemicals found in Uziza seeds may stimulate the male parasympathetic nervous system, causing vasodilation and erection. The use of Uziza seeds as sexual stimulants has historically been practiced in traditional medicine, despite the lack of major research or clinical trials.

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