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Coriander seeds for fertility, 5 emerging benefits and side effects

Coriander seeds for fertility

Today, we are considering how to use Coriander seeds for fertility. A lot has been said about this plant regarding its effects on male and female fertility. Before we dive deeper, what is coriander?

Coriander plant, leaf, and seeds.

Coriander is a plant about 1 meter tall that grows annually, known for its medicinal value, It has slender green stems and parsley-like leaves. It is rumored to originate from Persia. It is a herbal plant that has proven itself medically in treating conditions like food poisoning, cough, expelling of heavy metals such as lead acetate, and so on.

In ancient times, experts in traditional medicine uses its leaves to prepare tonics while its seeds serve as a spice for food due to their rich aromatic flavor.

Coriander medicinal uses (benefits)

Coriander is a herb that has grown popular in recent times, thanks to its pharmaceutical properties valued in both ayurvedic and modern medicine. Here are its medicinal uses.

• Leaf extract is helpful in the fight against Anemia

In ayurvedic medicine practices, Coriander is used to prepare a tonic for many health conditions such as anemia. The leaves can supplement Iron deficiency due to their huge Iron content.

Coriander extract may also help dissolve fat deposits in the blood vessels and improve blood flow. It is a herb good for the heart due to its blood sugar and cholesterol-regulating properties.

• Immune booster

Both the seeds and leaves of Coriander are rich in antioxidants such as phenolic acid.

Study indicates phenolic acids, have the potential to prevent cellular damage resulting from free radicals induced by oxidative stress.

• May help relieve pains

Phenolic acids found in coriander can boost our body’s anti-inflammatory activities and help relieve pain.

In traditional medicine, Coriander is used to prepare remedies for arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory property.

• Improves hearts functions

Research shows that extract from Coriander seeds can significantly lower LDL and boost HDL respectively due to its hypolipidemic property, which lowers bad cholesterol, and improve heart function.

Also, Lead toxicity, or better say lead acetate the chief inducer of reactive oxygen species can effectively be eliminated from the body system with the help of Coriander extract.

• Improve digestive system function

Coriander leaves a rich source of dietary fiber which can improve digestion foods, promote weight loss, and the function of the liver.

More importantly, the leaves are rich sources of magnesium, Iron which also helps the heart to function.

Coriander seeds for fertility

Coriander extract can improve sperm quality and protect the sperm against oxidative damage.

According to research, abnormalities of sperm parameters are among the major cause of infertility in males.

This abnormality has equally been linked to exposure to heavy metals such as lead which has a deteriorative effect on male sperm cells.

Notable studies have also confirmed the efficacy of antioxidants in neutralizing the damaging effects of these heavy metals, and coriander extracts are a rich source of antioxidants.

Another study on lead-exposed mice reveals Coriander extract is effective in curbing the impact of oxidative stress that can cause damage to the sperm cell.

Furthermore, coriander extract can also help to expel lead acetate toxins that may affect sperm health

Coriander for female fertility

Although, there are claims that coriander extract possesses anti-fertility properties but when moderately applied it improves menstrual flow and relieves cramps and painful menstruation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

In traditional medicine practices, women experiencing the menstrual disorder, or heavy menstrual bleeding are advised to boil 1 tablespoon of Coriander seeds with 2 cups water for at least 5 minutes and drink. It can help ease the pain and correct the bleeding.

Additionally, Coriander possesses an anti-microbial property that herbal expert use in making herbal remedies for fertility-related problems and to treat infectious diseases such as Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Bacillus species, and so on which may affect female fertility.

Coriander side effects

There is a saying that too much of everything is bad. The same goes for the Coriander herb, although It is a plant with many potential health benefits, when misused could be detrimental to female fertility.

There are claims that coriander hurt female fertility, unlike the male where it protects the sperm cell from the damage of heavy metals such as lead acetate.

Here are a few studies that support the claim.

According to a study on female mice that was based on the following reproductive parameters Oestrus Cycle, Implantation, Fetal Loss, Abortion, Teratogenicity, and Serum Progesterone Levels, the results show that there was no conception at the end of the 21-day treatment with coriander seeds extract.

This means regular intake of coriander seeds extract can potentially delay conception as proof of its antifertility property.

Coriander seeds for Leucorrhea

Coriander seeds extract has been known for its medicinal uses, it has many health benefits and has been used in making herbal remedies for treating fertility-related conditions such as leucorrhea.

Leucorrhea is a condition where there is a flow of a whitish, yellowish discharge from the female reproductive organ, it may be normal in some cases or while in another case a sign of infection when it becomes irregular.

Herbal experts suggest drinking Coriander seeds soaked in water overnight as it may effectively help in treating Leucorrhea.[1]

Soak about 10 grams of Coriander seeds in a cup of warm water leave it overnight and drink it before breakfast the next morning. Repeat it for three (3) weeks.

Alternatively, coriander seeds can be ground into powder mixed with water, drinking the mixture may also help in curbing genitalia discharge.

Coriander leaf for weight loss

As stated earlier, Coriander leaves are a rich source of dietary fiber which promotes digestion. Also, it boosts the function of the digestive system so that even non-digestible carbohydrates can be broken down while preventing you from feeling hungry thanks to its appetite-suppressing property that promotes weight loss.

Coriander extract also promotes the diuretic process which aids in removing toxins and excess water from the body. It also helps to empty the gut easily and prevent bloating, and water retention.

Coriander substitute

Here is a list of powerful herbs with similar pharmaceutical value as coriander.
They are;
• Mugwort
• Aniseed
• Caraway
• Fennel
• Dill weeds.

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