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Asafoetida Benefits For Male And Female Fertility

Asafoetida, which we popularly call Hing, is a resin derived from the roots and stems of several ferula plants. It has a very strong pungent odor, often described as resembling garlic, sulfur, or cheese.

Asafoetida Benefits For Male And Female Fertility

Asafoetida Medicinal Uses and Benefits

If you are asking what is asafoetida used for? Hing has several pharmacological properties in addition to being used as a spice in various cuisines, particularly in India and the Middle East.

An anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic agent

Hing, also known as asafoetida, possesses various anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects through mechanisms like:

  • Histamine inhibition: It reduces smooth muscle contractions in the digestive tract caused by histamine.
  • Mucin secretion stimulation: It increases protective mucus production in the stomach.

As an Antioxidant enhancer

  • Hing exhibits antioxidant properties, potentially protecting cells from damage.
  • It displays anticancer potential through mechanisms like:
  • Enzyme inhibition: It hinders enzymes crucial for cancer cell invasion.
  • Farnesiferol: This key component inhibits vascular endothelial growth factors, hindering cancer cell proliferation and migration.
  • Antioxidant activity: Hing helps rebuild the skin’s antioxidant system, potentially preventing cancer formation.

As an antimicrobial agent against bacteria

  • Hing demonstrates antimicrobial activity against bacteria like Streptococcus and fungi like Mucormycosis.
  • It shows promise in antiviral activity against Influenza A and Human Rhinoviruses.

As an anticonvulsant and anthelmintic agent.

  • Hing possess anticonvulsant, emmenagogue (regulates menstruation), and anthelmintic (expels intestinal worms) effects.
  • It provides respiratory and digestive relief by easing spasms and managing asthma and constipation.
  • Hing extracts demonstrate potential in regulating blood sugar through various mechanisms, including:
  • Insulin stimulation: It may increase insulin production for better blood sugar control.
  • Glucose absorption regulation: Some components can either increase or decrease glucose absorption depending on the mechanism involved.

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Asafoetida and Traditional Medicine: uses

Research suggests Hing (Asafoetida) is used in traditional medicine worldwide, an example case study are:ise the people of Nepal: Hng powder is a common spice believed to enhance sexuality, promote calmness, and aid urination.
Also In America and Brazil: Some traditional practices consider Hing a potential s£x stimulant.

Hing (Asafoetida) and its effect on libido: A Review of Studies

Is asafAsafoetidad for men? This article explores the potential effects of Hing (Heeng), also known as Ferula assa-foetida, on libido. It summarizes 5 relevant studies while highlighting their findings and potential implications.

1. Boosts sperm Count: Case Study 1 (2009)

  • Location: Antaki Center for Herbal Medicine
  • Objective: Investigate the effect of Ferula assa-foetida extract on fertility, sexual desire, and erectile function in men.
  • Method:
  • Participants: Two groups of young men from infertility clinics (60 with azoospermia and 25 with erectile dysfunction).
  • Intervention: “Masculine” tablets containing the extract for three months.
  • Results:
  • No reported side effects.
  • Azoospermia group: 17% improvement in sperm count.
  • Erectile dysfunction group: 60% reported positive effects on libido and function.
  • The study suggests the extract may be a safe sexual enhancer, but further research is needed.

2. Low dose Improves testosterone levels: Case Study 2 (2015)

  • Location: Yazd Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences Campus
  • Objective: Evaluate the effect of Ferula assa-foetida extract on sperm parameters and testicular health in rats.
  • Method: Administered different doses of the extract to male rats and analyzed sperm count, viability, testosterone levels, and testicular tissue.
  • Results:
  • Low doses improved sperm count, viability, and testosterone levels while maintaining normal testicular structure.
  • High doses showed negative effects on testicular tissue but didn’t decrease sperm production.
  • The study suggests low-dose Hing extract may benefit sperm health, but high doses can be harmful.

3. Low dose improves testicular health: Case Study 3 (2012)

  • Location: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
  • Objective: Investigate the effect of Ferula assa-foetida extract on blood parameters and testicular health in rats.
  • Method: Administered different doses of the extract to male rats and analyzed blood parameters and testicular tissue.
  • Results:
  • Increasing the act dose led to:
  • Larger seminiferous tubule diameter.
  • Thinner cell layers in the seminiferous wall.
  • Increased lumen diameter and decreased cell layers (potentially due to tissue damage).
  • Decreased number of primary spermatocytes, Sertoli cells, and Leydig cells (important for sperm production and testosterone).
  • Decreased blood testosterone levels.
  • The study suggests high doses of Hing extract may have negative effects on male reproductive health. However, a dose is not harmful.

4. Overdose or repeated doses can be harmful: Case Study 4 (2005)

  • Location: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  • Objective: Investigate the effect of Ferula hermhormonesract on female rats’ sexual behavior.
  • Method:
  • Ovariectomized (removed ovaries) female rats to eliminate natural hormone production (estradiol and progesterone).
  • Administered estradiol and progesterone artificially to induce sexual behavior.
  • CompCompare behavior with those given high (30-60mg/kg) or low (1-10mg/kg) doses of Ferula hermhormonesract for 10 days.
  • Results: High and repeated doses of Ferula hermhormonesract suppressed sexual receptivity and mating behavior in females.
  • Conclusion: The study suggests a potential anti-estrogenic effect of high-dose Ferula hermhormonesract, contradicting claims of increased libido.

5. Its Oil can improve erectile function, Case Study 5 (2001)

  • Location: AraGen Biotechnology Co
  • Objective: Investigate the effectiveness and toxicity of Ferula hormones on erectile function in male rats.
  • Method: Tested Ferula harmonis seed oil on male rats to assess its impact on erection and potential toxicity.
  • Results: Ferula harmonis oil improved erectile function, but long-term use showed toxic effects.
  • Conclusion: The study suggests potential benefits for erectile function, but raises concerns about long-term safety.

Summary Analysis:

  • Both studies involve different Ferula species (F. hermonis vs. F. assa-foetida) studied in animals.
  • Study 4 contradicts claims of increased libido in females by showing -estrogenic effects of high-dose Ferula hermhormonesudy 5 suggests potential benefits for male erectile function but with concerns about long-term toxicity.

Asafoetida and female fertility

In 2010 a study investigated a pill containing Asafoetida extract for female sexual function and infertility. While some women reported improved libido and a small number became pregnant.

According to this single small study, conducted at Arab American University, participants, although lacking a control group.

  • The pill, (“Feminine”) which contained both Asafoetida and Capparis spinosa used making it difficult to isolate the effects of Asafoetida alone.


  • The pill was reported to be well-tolerated with no side effects.
  • In the group with sexual dysfunction, 84% reported improvement.
  • In the infertile group, 18% became pregnant, and 75% reported improved libido.


Asafoetida has compounds that are potentially beneficial for sexual function in both men and women and may improve fertility according to anecdotal evidence, however, a more conclusive scientific report is needed to back up this claim and to determine the effectiveness and safety of Asafoetida for fertility treatment.

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